Gaskill Family


 Josiah Gaskill was born in New Jersey about 1849.  When he was around 26 years old, he married Lydia; she was about 18 at that time.  In 1910, he appears on the census for Batsto as a teamster.  He and his wife lived there with his six children:

Alfred, age 22.                       

Carlton, age 19 (he was employed as a sawyer)

Mary, age 30

Sadie, age 16, who attended school (her real name is prob. Sarah; see below)

Wilbur, age 12, who attended school

Irene, age 11, who attended school.


In 1920, Josiah does not appear on the census, but it is quite likely that two of his sons were employed as laborers there  at that time.  According to the census, Carlton Gaskill lived there with his wife, Emma, and his 2 year old daughter, Thelma.

Wilber Gaskill lived there in 1920 as well, with his 21 year old wife, Pearl ( Wilber was also 21; this is about how old the Wilber on the 1910 census would be.) They had a daughter together, Elinor, who was only 1 year old in 1920.


I have located what I believe to be the same family in a published genealogy of the Gaskill family (Koleda, Elizabeth Potter Gaskill Genealogy, 1988).   The names and dates appear to be correct for each of the members. 

Following is a brief description of that family:


Joseph Gaskill (1) married Sarah Cranmer and had

            Benjamin, Hudson, Charles, Rebecca, Martha A., and Moses Gaskill (2).

            Moses Gaskill (2) married Abigail Kelly, who was born in 1792.

            Their children were:

                        Ann Gaskill (3), b. 1851

                        Jessie Gaskill, (3), b. 1845

                        An unnamed daughter, b. 1853

                        Carlton Carlisle Gaskill (3), 1851-1918, who married Emma Cranmer

                                    And had Chalkey Gaskill (4), 1876-1892

                        Moses Gaskill (3), born January 1816.  He married Elizabeth Sooy , who

Lived from 1822-1875 and is buried at Greenbank.  She is the daughter of William Sooy (son of Nicholas) and Rebecca Weeks.

Moses (3) and Elizabeth were the parents of

Josiah Gaskill (4), b. 1849.  He is the one who appears to have lived at Batsto.  If the source is reliable, then Lydia 

Ann was his second wife; his first had been named Elizabeth. The children of Josiah Gaskill(4) were:

            Irene V. Gaskill (5)

            Thomas Gaskill (5)

            Sarah Gaskill (5), b. 1893

            Carlton Carlisle Gaskill (5), b. 1891, who married

Emma Cranmer.  This individual is  suspiciously similar to Carlton (3), above.

                                                            Alfred Gaskill (5) who married Minnie Lawrence

                                                                        At Pleasant Mills.

                                                            J. Howard Gaskill (5) who married Ann Lydia Ware                                                                         and had Helen Gaskill (6).

                                                            Anna B. Gaskill (5)

                                                            Mary F. Gaskill (5)

                                                            Wilbert Gaskill (5),b. 1898 and lived in New Gretna

                                                                        He married Pearl Cranmer, the daughter of

                                                                        John Cranmer and Rose Loveland

The above family seems to be the same one as the one that was at Batsto.  It leaves Thomas, J. Howard, and Anna B. unaccounted for in 1920.  Presumably they were either dead or married and living on their own at that point.


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