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Leek Family
Leek Family

First, I will begin with Major EM Woodward's genealogy of the Leek family from his 1883 History of Burlington County.

Capt. John Leak, an Englishman by birth, came to America at an early day and settled in Bass River, during which time he followed the occupation of surveyor. He married Martha, daughter of Samuel Rose, and took up his abiding place at Bridgeport. [This is disputed by a fellow researcher, Eugene Wills, who has visited this site. He claims that John Leek was actually born in 1736, in Little Egg Harbor, and that his father, also John, was born in Easthampton, Long Island in 1715. John's father was in turn Stephen Leek, born 1680 in Easthampton, who brought little John to Little Egg Harbor as an infant. See below for a summary]
His wife is said to have been a very beautiful woman, and attracted much attention by her beauty during her reign. John Leak became one of the leading men of the township of his adoption, and it is said he "fared sumptuously every day." Captain Leak's children were:

  1. Samuel Leak, who married Sarah, daughter of Micajah Mathis, Sr. and had:
  2. William Leak, who married Catherine Loveland. They had:
  3. George Leak, who married Hannah Mathis
  4. John Leak (see below for more on him)
  5. Mary Leak, who married Joseph Allen of Bass River.
  6. Achsah Leak who married Chalkey Cranmer, and after his decease she married Joseph Sears.
  7. Phebe Leak, who married John Towers and had one child, Phoebe Towers.
  8. Martha Leak, who married Reuben Clark.

From Eugene Wills, here is a slightly different genealogy of the Capt. John Leek Woodward described above. :
Phillip Leeke was born in England about 1611. By 1640, he was living in New Haven, CT., where his son, Ebeneezer, was born in 1645. Ebeneezer was the father in turn of Stephen Leeke, born 1680 in Easthampton, Long Island, who in turn was the father of John Leek, and grandfather of Capt. John Leek. The book "Blackman Revisited" explains how the genealogy in Woodward's book was incorrect and offers the above as a more accurate version.

Regarding John Leek, mentioned above, son of Capt. John Leek
I received this information regarding John from Eugene, a direct descendant:
John was born in the 1760s sometime, and married a Hepsibah Grant, born 1774. She was the daughter of William Grant (1730- ), and Esther Cramer (1740 - ). Esther was in turn the daughter of Stephen Cramer and Sarah Andrews (1702- ). Sarah Andrews was the daughter of Edward Andrews and Sarah Ong. Edward has the distinction of being the first white man in Little Egg Harbor township. When his father, Samuel Andrews, died in 1693, he left Edward 300 acres in Mansfield Township, and in 1698 his mother (Mary Wright) died and Edward got 300 more acres. He sold those 600 acres and purchased, in 1699, 500 acress in Little Egg from the Governor of NJ. _______________________

This is an extremely common name in South Jersey...this page lists some of the refereneces I have found so far in my research. Firstly, I will begin with the census information:
Census Year House # Family # Surname Family Name Age Birthplace Occupation
1850 188 194 Leak Chalkey 41 NJ blacksmith
Ruth 37 NJ
George 18 NJ
Sarah Jane 16 NJ
Hannah 14 NJ
Catherine 12 NJ
Maria 11 NJ
William 8
Rebecca 4 NJ
Emma 3 NJ
1860 245 253 Leek William 48 NJ laborer
Hannah 50 NJ
Charles 18 NJ
William S. 14 NJ
246 254 Leek Job,jr. 38 NJ carpenter
The rest of this family are of the Weeks family.
see main census for rest of information
281 292 Leek Majer 43 NJ farmer
Sarah 43 NJ
Charles W. 19 NJ waterman
Majer T. 9 NJ
George H. 4 NJ
Josephine 1 NJ
1870 18 18 Leek Charles NJ blacksmith
1885 61 63 Leek John 20-60
Mary 20-60
George 5-20
Lizzie 5-20
Brown Joseph 5-20
In addition, the Leek surname comes up in many other places of note:

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