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Small Family
Small Family

The following genealogy is from E.M. Woodward's 1883 History of Burlington County: Israel Small settled in Shamong Township in 1800, and purchased a large tract of land and cleared up a home, where he followed farming the greater part of his life. He had the following children:

  1. Mary Ann Small. She married Charles Menges, and moved about three miles from the family home in Indian Mills and raised children there.
  2. Rebecca Small. She married Joseph Cooper, of Bucks Co., PA, where she went to reside.
  3. Margaret Small. She married John Gardner, and moved about four miles from Indian Mills, on the Atsion road and there engaged in farming. She had one daughter.
  4. Benjamin Small. He married Hannah Smith, and lived in Indian Mills. He had a family of eleven children. One of his sons was named Benjamin. Benjamin, jr. was in turn the father of Nevada Small, who married Francis Wright.
  5. Hannah Small. She married Asa Smith, and settled on the Atsion road and followed farming.
  6. Eliza Small. She married John Nicholson, and located at Indian Mills, where they were farmers and had two boys.
  7. Anna Small. She married Charles Anderson and moved out of the county.
  8. Henrietta Small. She married David Trawpress, and located near Medford, NJ and engaged in farming. They had three children.
  9. William Small. He married Elizabeth Cramer,and lived on a portion of the old homestead. He had a large family.

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