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Stewart Family

This page concerns two entirely different Stewart families; one is the family of Robert Stewart of Batsto and the other is the family of James Stewart, from whom I am descended. Additonally, at the bottom of this page are some tidbits of Stewart family genealogy I wrote down while pursuing my own family that turned out to be dead ends for me, but I thought maybe someone out there could use them.

Robert Stewart and his descendants
James Stewart and his descendants

and here are the odds and ends I promised:

James Stewart came to the United States aboard the Roscius from Liverpool, England on 22 Oct 1847. He was 63 years old and listed his occupation as 'laborer.' He came with Ellen Stewart, age 60; George Stewart, age 20; and Ellen Stewart, age 18.

James Stewart came to the United States aboard the Henry-Clay from Liverpool on 17 Jan 1848. He was 22 years old and apparently arrived alone.

James Stewart came to the United States at the age of 17 from Liverpool aboard the Channing on 18 Apr 1848. He arrived with 5 year old Mich. ( a boy, presumably Michael?); Bridget, age 14; Ann, age 59; and John, age 30.

James Stewart arrived aboard the Titcomb from Londonderry, England on 16 May 1848 at the age of 10. He gave his occupation as a laborer, at such a young age!

James Stewart, a 30 year old draper, arrived aboard the Clutha from Glasgow on 16 June 1848.

Richard Stewart(from 1910 Census, Elizabeth NJ) age 48; born in New Jersey. His father was born in NY, his mother in NJ. He worked in a sewing maching factory, and lived with his wife, Elizabeth, age 49, whose father was from England. The following children lived with them:

Elizabeth had given birth to 7 children, but these were the only five still living.

James Stewart (from the 1910 census, Elizabeth, NJ). He was 47 years old, the son of English parents. He was employed at 'odd jobs' and lived with his wife, Mary (age 46) and four children:

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