The town of Manahawkin is part of Stafford Township in Ocean County. It wasset off from the lower portion of Shrewsbury Township in 1749. Noted Ocean County historian Edwin Salter speculated that the name "Stafford" may have been given by James Haywood, whose family hailed originally from Staffordshire, England. He purchased land in Manahawkin in 1743, and he was instrumental in the construction of the church there. Originally it was a free church, later becoming a Baptist church.

This is one of the oldest names places in Ocean County, supposedly derived from an Indian name for the place meaning "place of good corn" or something similar.

Salter mentions in his book, History of Monmouth and Ocean Counties, early residents of Manahawkin that include :

During the Revolution, Manahawkin sent a greater portion of it's men to fight than anywhere in Monmouth County (Manahawkin was originally in Monmouth until the county of Ocean was created from it in 1850). At one skirmish with the Refugees, Lyons Pangburn was killed and Sylvester Tilton severely wounded.

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A bottle manufactured by the Cramer family in Manahawkin, date uncertain.

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