The Baronage of Scotland
Sir Robert Douglas's

The Baronage of Scotland

Family Sketches

(the list below was taken from the contents in the book; the names do not always perfectly match those heading each actual sketch)

Adam of Maryburgh
Aikman of Cairny, Rosse, and Brambleton
Ainslie of Pilton, now representatives of the Ainslies of Dolphinston
Anstruther of that Ilk
Anstruther of Anstruthersfield, now of Inverkeithing

Blair of Adamton
Blair of Ardblair
Blair of Balthyock
Blair of that Ilk
Blair of Glassclune
Blair of Inchyra
Blair of Pittendriech
Boswell of Auchialeck
Boswell of Balmuto
Bruce of Blairhall
Bruce of Clackmannan
Bruce of Earlshall
Bruce of Kinross
Bruce of Kennet
Bruce of Stenhouse
Burnet of Leys

Cameron of Lochyell
Campbell of Aberuchill
Campbell of Auchinbreck
Campbell, alias Maciver of Ashnish
Charteris of Amisfield
Cheape of Rossie
Cheape of Wellfield and Strathtyrum
Clephane of Carslogie
Clerk of Listonshiels
Clerk of Pennycuik
Colquhoun of Comstrodden
Colquhoun of Kenmure
Colquhoun of Luss
Colquhoun of Tillyquhourn
Congalton of that Ilk
Crawfurd of Crawfurdland
Crawfurd of Jordanhill
Cuming of Altyr
Cuming of Auchry
Cuming of Logie
Cuming of Relugas and Presley
Cunningham of Caprington

Dalmahoy of that Ilk
Dempster of Muresk, Pitliver, &c.
Denune of Catbole
Dick of Braid
Dick of Craighouse
Dick of Grange
Dick of Prestonfield
Dick, Sir John, Consul
Douglas of Glenbervie
Drummond of Hawthornden
Duddington of Sandford
Duff, Baron of Dipple and Braco in Scotland, Earl Fife, Viscount Macduff, and Lord Braco of Kilbride, of the kingdom of Ireland
Dunbar of Durn
Dunbar of Grangehill
Dunbar of Hemprigs
Dunbar of Mochrum
Dunbar of Westfield
Dundas of Arniston
Dundas of Blair
Dundas of Dundas
Dundas of Duddington
Dundas of Manour
Dundas of Newliston, of whom the Dundasses of Morton, Philpstone, and Breastmill are descended
Durham of Grange
Durham of Luffness
Durham of Pitkerow, Largo, &c.

Eccles of that Ilk and Kildonan

Farquarson of Finzean
Farquarson of Invercauld
Farquarson of Inverey
Forbes of Monymusk
Forbes of Craigievar, representative of the House of Corse
Foulis of Colinton

Gibson of Durie
Glendonwyn of that Ilk
Gordon of Gordonstown
Gordon of Lesmoir
Gourlay of Kincraig
Grant of Grant

Haig of Bemerside
Halket, Craigie, Colonel Charles of Hallhill
Halket of Pitferran
Hamilton of Innerwick
Hamilton of Orbieston, Dalziell, and Rosehall
Hamilton of Silvertonhill
Hamilton of Udston, &c.
Hamilton of Wishaw
Hay of Pitfour
Hay of Paris
Hay of Strowie
Henderson of Fordell
Home of Ninewells
Hope of Craighall

Inglis of Cramond
Inglis of Manner and Mannerhead
Innes of Innermarkie, Balveny, and Ortown
Innes of Innes
Johnston of Caskieben, now of that Ilk
Johnston of Wamphray

Keith of Craig
Keith of Ludquhairn
Keith of Pittendrum, Ravelston, &c. (also here)
Kinloch of Gourdie
Kinloch of Kilrie
Kinloch of that Ilk, in Perthshire

Lawson of Cairnmuir
Leith of Bucharne
Leith of Freefield
Leith of Harthill
Leith of Leith-hall
Leith of Overhall
Leith of Treefield
Leslie of Wardis
Lindsay of Eaglescairny
Lindsay of Kirkforthar
Lindsay of Wolmerstoun
Lockhart of Lee
Lockhart of Cleghorn

Macdonell of Glengary
Macdonald of Kingsburrow
Macdonald of Macdonald
Macfarlane of that Ilk
Macgregor of Macgregor
Macquarie of Macquarie
Macquarie of Ormaig
Macintosh of that Ilk
McIver, alias Campbell of Ashnish
McKenzie of Applecross
McKenzie of Balmaduthie
McKenzie of Coul
McKenzie of Davochmaluak
McKenzie of Garloch
McKenzie of Highfield
McKenzie of Hiltoun
McKenzie of Kilcoy
McKenzie of Ord
McKenzie of Redcastle
McKenzie of Scatwell
McKenzie of Suddy
McLean of Coll
McLean of Dowart and Morven
McLean of Lochbay
McLeod of Assint, now of Geanies
McLeod of Bernera and Muiravenside
McLeod of Glishernish
McLeod of Hammer
Macleod of Lewis
McLeod of that Ilk
Macleod of Rasay
McLeod of Tallisker
Macnab of that Ilk
Macnachtane of that Ilk
Macpherson of Breakachie
Macpherson of Brin
Macpherson of Clunie
Macpherson of Dalraddie, afterwards of Innereffie
Macpherson of Effich
Macpherson of Innereffie
Macpherson of Pitmean, &c.
Macpherson of Phoness
Macpherson of Strathmaffie
Masterson of that Ilk, Parkmill, &c.
Maxwell of Calderwood
Maxwell of Pollock
Mayne of Powis
Melville of Strathkinnes and Craigtown
Methven of that Ilk in Scotland, now represented by Paul Methven of Corsham, in England
Mitchel of Bandeth and Westshore, now of Mitchell
Mitchelson of Middleton
Moncrieff of that Ilk
Montgomery of Macbeth-hill
Munro of Foulis
Moray of Bothwell and Abercairny
Murray of Arbenie
Murray of Aytoun
Murray of Blackbarony
Murray of Cringalty
Murray of Clermont and Newton
Murray of Dollary
Murray of Ochtertyre
Murray of Stanhope
Murray of Touchadam and Pitlochie
Murray of Philiphaugh
Murray of Pitcullen
Murray of Pitcaithly, Lintrose, &c.

Neilson of Barncalzie

Ogilvie of Innercarity
Ogilvie of Inchmartine, now respresentative of the Ogilvies of Boyne

Preston of Valleyfield
Pringle, or Hope-Pringle, of Whitebank
Purves of that Ilk

Ramsay of Balmain
Ramsay of Banff
Rattray of that Ilk and Craighall
Riddle of Ardnamurchan, &c. &c. &c.
Riddle of Grenriddle
Riddel of Kinglass
Riddle of Riddle, or of that Ilk
Robertson of Inches
Robertson of Muirton, Gladney, &c.
Robertson of Strowan
Robertson of Kindace
Rose of Kilraick or Kilravock

Scot of Balweary, now represented by Sir William Scot of Ancrum
Scot of Burnhead
Scot of Galashiels
Scot of Harden and Synton
Scot of Millenie
Scot of Scotstarvet
Sempill of Cathcart
Seton of Cariston
Seton of Culbeg
Seton of Pitmedden
Seton of Touch
Sinclair of Barrack
Sinclair of Lathrone, Dunbeath, and Brabster
Sinclair of Longformacus
Sinclair of Mey
Sinclair of Roslin
Sinclair of Stevenson, now of Murkle
Skene of Skene, or of that Ilk
Smith of Braco and Methven
Smith of Glasswall and Camno
Smith of Smithfield
Smyth of Balhary
Spens of Lathallan
Spens, Baron de, in France, 1st branch
Spens, at Bourdeaux, in France, 2d branch
Spottiswoode of that Ilk
Stewart of Ballechin
Stewart of Killichaffie, or Stewartfield
Stewart of Castlemilk
Stewart of Grandtully
Stuart of Torrence
Swinton of that Ilk

Trotter of Mortonhall

Urquhart of Byth
Urquhart of Craigston
Urquhart of Meldrum

Vere of Blackwood

Walker of St. Fort
Wedderburn of Blackness
Wedderburn of Gosford
Wedderburn of Balindean
Wemyss of Lathocker
Wemyss of Bogie
Whytt of Bennochy