By Terry L. Potts


Johnna Georg Batz/Betz and Possibly other brothers and sisters left from Holland around 1730.(The Ship did) Ref: Martha Lambs Document. I have found Johnna Georg arriving in 1732. The ship left Amsterdam and then stopped again in London before stopping in Philidelphia Pa..

According to the ship's passenger list aboard the ship only Johnna Gorg Batz was aboard. But I was in contact with someone a few years ago that Found Johnna Georg and his parents. This person was working on Johnna Paul Betz wife's line. He list Andreas Batz/Betz I with his siblings. Still trying to find this individuals e-mail address again.  

Andrew Potts/Batz II married Catherine Zilhart\Zillhard\Zillardt. They had 10 children. Andrew according to some of the families that listed him in Daughters of the American Revolution said he was born in 1747 and others listed him as 1753. I found Andreas Batz Potts II born 12 July 1749. So the other dates were great to work with. The children of Andrew Potts II and Catharine Zillhard:

John Potts born Feb 15, 1769 in Washington County Maryland. Died May 17, 1847. He married Mary Magdalen Zilhart Price Feb 14, 1796 Jefferson County Kentucky. Mary died before January 17, 1860. in Warren Kentucky.(This date is from a Funeral Bill) John Potts died May 17, 1847 at the age of 78, also believed in Jefferson County Kentucky. John Potts had 8 children:

Peter Potts, Sarah Potts(McDaniel), Catherine Potts(Arnold/Welsh), David Potts, Jacob Potts, John J. Potts Jr.(had 8 kids), George Potts Jr.(1kid) Philip Potts.

Andrew Batz/Potts III born Jan 112,1771 in Jerusalem, Washington County Maryland. Died 1850-1860 in Harrison County Indiana Married his first wife Lucy Davis April 8, 1797. Then married Susan Nunamaker Dean December 18, 1824 in Harrison County Indiana by Edward Mc Gown M/G. Andrew Potts III died after 1850. He was about 79 years old. Andrew Potts III had Andrew Potts IV. If Andrew Potts is the III that would mean his grandfather had to be Andrew Potts I. Andrew Potts III is listed in many areas. Andrew Potts III and Susan Nunamaker Dean had at least 7 children:

John Potts, Jacob Potts, Fredrick Potts, Joseph Potts, Andrew Potts IV,(6kids) 2 girls names missing.

John Fredrick Batz/Potts Baptized May 8 1774 age 21 days.. he died after 1790.His name was on a tax list from Jefferson County 1797

Mary Catherine Potts born 1777 Possibly Washington County Maryland. She married Abraham Smith November 24, 1803 in Jerrferson County Kentucky. She then married Teague Dickerson July 20 1815. Mary Died 1871 at the age of 93 in Kentucky.

Jacob Potts born about 1779 Washington County Maryland.(At this point I list Jacob being born in Washington County Md. Jacob died in Harrison County Indiana. Still I have no Date. Jacob married Betsy Stevens November 11, 1802 in Lincoln County Kentucky. Betsy Stevens was born 1782 she died August 11, 1849 at the age of 67. Jacob and Betsy had 5 children:

Lavina Potts(Arnold), Mary Potts(Rasco), Malinda Potts(Stevens), Lucinda Potts, Thomas Potts.

Joseph Potts Sr. born March 7, 1782 Not sure it was in Pennsylvania or Maryland. Joseph Potts Sr. died May 1, 1864 in Harrison County Indiana. He was 82. Joseph and a couple of his brothers were some of the first settlers into Indiana before it became a state. Joseph Potts Sr. married Margaret Ann Toops January 26, 1804 in Jefferson County Kentucky. Margaret Ann Toops died May 16, 1854. She was 68. Joseph and Margaret had 12 children.

Simeon Potts, Nancy Potts(Canton/Lewis)(4kids), Henry Potts Sr.(9kids), Delilah Potts(Funk)(4kids), Louisa Potts(Fleshman/Gilmore), Margaret Ann Potts(Reed), Mary Ann Potts(Ginniss), Jesse Potts(8kids), George Washington Potts(1kid), Levi Potts, Joseph Oliver Potts Jr.(13kids).

Elizabeth (Betsy) Celene Potts born March 17, 1784 Washington County Maryland. She died in Shelby County Kentucky. She married Nicholas Smith I Feb 15, 1804 in Jefferson County Kentucky. Nicholas was born in Germany in 1764 died in 1854 in Urbana, Champaign, Illinois at the age of abt 90. Elizabeth and Nicholas had 5 children:

Elizabeth Celene Smith, Margaret 'Peggy' Smith(2kids), Nancy Smith, Elizah Smith(3kids), Keziah Smith.

David Potts born March 23 1781 in Washington County Maryland. He died September 27, 1831 in Harrison County Indiana. at the age of 46. David married Elizabeth Rogers on Febuary 4, 1816 in Harrison County Indiana(by Nathan Veatch JPAC) Elizabeth Rogers was born April 28, 1799 in Virginia. She died Febuary 14, 1842 in Harrison County Indiana. She was 42. David and Elizabeth had 8 children:

Thomas Rogers Potts(5kids), Rebecca Potts(1kid), Sarah R. Potts(1kid), Rachael Potts(Killion)(1), Henry H. Potts(6kids), John W. Potts, Samuel Potts(1), Jesse White Potts(2kids)

George Potts Sr. born 1787 in Washington County Maryland. He died in 1872 at the age of Jeffersontown, Jefferson County Pennsylvania. George married Catherine Arnold April 13, 1815 in Jefferson County Kentucky. George Potts and Susanna Batz married into the Arnold family Catherine Died June 9, 1857 she was 59. George and Catherine had at least six children:

Nancy Potts(Brainer), Sarah Jane Potts (Caple/Cable)(11kids), George Potts Jr., John Potts(8kids), Hiram Potts, Levi Potts.(6kids)

Susanna Batz/Potts b. June 11, 1767 in YORK (CITY), York County Pensylvania. She was Baptized Jul 1767 Wolf's Reformed Church, West Manchester Twp, York County Pennsylvania. She died abt. 1810 in Jefferson County Kentucky.She married "Youst "Yost" Arnold

Terry L. Potts

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