Baxter L Baxters in the 1880 Census of Georgia, District 15, Liberty County, Georgia


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**New** Descendents of Israel Baxter
Baxter Wills and Deeds 

Charlotte's early Roots Baxter's

Bob Adams, Baxter Gene Chart!
Baxter's Isle Of KentWHO I AM! ~~~~ BAXTER LINE
Israel Baxter (1690-1769)
Israel Baxter's Court Records, 1764
Israel Baxter's Will ,1764
Israel Baxter Pension Record-----
(son of Theophilus BAXTER)born 1762 
Jim Jordan information on Israel Line Baxter
John S. Baxter
John H. Baxter (1795-1873)
John H. Baxter Gene Chart
Stephen Godfrey Baxter(1832-1904)
Stephen Godfrey Baxter Marriage Certicate
Stephen Godfrey Baxter Gene Chart(1832-1904)
Stephen Godfrey Baxter War Record(1832-1904)
Joseph Jackson Baxter(1862 - 1927
Joseph Jackson Baxter Gene Chart
Mitchel Godfrey Baxter

Mitchel Godfrey Baxter misc info, draft card, census, ect
Mitchel Godfrey Baxter Gene Chart
Mitchel Godfrey Baxter 1st wife Ella Elizabeth BRANSON
Mitchel Baxter 1st wife Marriage Certicate
Mitchel Godfrey Baxter 2nd wife(underconstruction)
Mitchel Godfrey Baxter, Riceboro Ga. Constituted Councilmen
Richard G. Baxter
Ira W.Baxter Civil War Record!(son of John H. Baxter 1795-1873)
Ira W.Baxter. Death, Cemetery(son of John H. Baxter 1795-1873)
Baxter Family Links History Page
Georgia 25th Regiment,includes family members! 
Georgia 25th by James Allen, very well done! 
Liberty County, Ga. Map 1835 Taylors Creek Village
Parish Map of South Carolina includes Colleton County
Baxter Family Links Plantation Map
Baxter Scottish Coat of Arms
Baxters Family Links with Questions
Mary Ann Baxter(sister to John H. Baxter
Stephen Hunnicutt Baxter
Theophilus Baxter Deeds N.C. 1757
Theophilus, Where He Lived-Do a page search for Baxter on the Dobbers/Taylor collection.
Above has ref. also to Caswell and Martin, which are a part of some Baxter lines.

John Jackson Baxter a sketch
Garrason homepage contains, info on Smith family,also children of Mary Ann Baxter who married into the Smith family, Smith married into Garrason family
Liberty County, Ga Census,1910
Delk Family History 1610-1898 
Nancy Delk (wife of John
Samuel Delk(father of Nancy Delk) John H.Baxter(1795-1873)
Liberty County Ga. Homepage 
Ira W.Baxter Civil War Record!
Joseph Vernon Baxter
Joseph Vernon Baxter Jr.
Joseph Vernon Baxter 111

Elmer Otis Parker, Thanks to Him! 
Joseph Vernon Baxter 111

Cemeteries in and around Long County,Ga contain Baxter's, Delks and maybe more family names.

Pigott Branch Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Highway 301 contain Baxter's, Delks and other related family names.
Baxter's included with more info from Maine, SC, GA and more Info on Ashmore family

Baxter's in 1850 Census,Jackson County, Florida 
Baxter's Collins Chapel Cemetery, Jackson County, Florida 
Baxter's in Groom Index to Jackson County, Florida Marriages, 1848-1900 
Baxter's in FRIENDSHIP CEMETERY, Malone, Jackson County, Florida (1838-1990) 
Rec. of Beards Creek Baptist Church contains Baxter's
Taylor's Creek Church information,Liberty County
William Baxter (Rockie Strickland 111 's Line, maybe Charlotte's line also)
*Website includes lots names from Charlotte's Line.
Baxter Genforum
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Links that are not my Line!

Baxter Link(not my Line)
Steven Parker has Baxter's in his line
Baxter(Backster)Link(not necessary my Line)
Decendents of Isreal Baxter(Pitt County N.C.)
Will of James Martin(father-in-law

Misc. Links of Mine!
Old Songs and Music that I Enjoy
Music Midi and Lyrics Home
Some Nice Links! Pictures of the Northernlights

The information and pic below was taken for The Liberty County Web Page.

Lucius Delk-Descendant of David Delk, early Liberty County, GA Pioneer >double click on photo for larger image.)

Mr. Delk is a direct descendant of David Delk (b abt 1812 in GA), an early settler at Gumbranch, Liberty County.  David Delk's cabin ( a traditional settler cabin of the coastal area) was built circa 1837.  The cabin was recently moved to the Oatland Island heritage homesite in Savannah and can be seen there today. Mr. Lucius Delk is pictured at left celebrating his 64th wedding anniversary in Greenville, South Carolina.  He is 94 years young!

Some of the information below can be found at The Oatland Island Website
Delk Road 
David Delk Cabin

David Delk Cabin Picture
David Delk Cabin Picture#2
David Delk Cabin Picture#3
David Delk Cabin Picture#4
Mitchell Baxter's Marriage Certificate,1914
(contributed  by Charlotte Baxter Hensley)

John H. Baxter's Will, 1868
(contributed by Charlotte Baxter Hensley)

Stephen G. Baxter and Isabella Caswell's Marriage Certificate,1853
(contributed by Charlotte Baxter Hensley)

Samuel Delk and Anna Delk's Marriage Bonds
(contributed by Charlotte Baxter Hensley)

Baxter-Delk Land Court Records of Liberty 
County Georgia  March 1837 (contributed by Charlotte Baxter Hensley)

Information about Georgia History
First English Settlers of Georgia, 114 familes(Good site)Parker's are mentioned.
Georgia Before Oglethorpe(1521-1733)Good Site.
At the Site above you will find some great links!
Links page, Great Georgia and Flordia History Links
1ST BATTALION GEORGIA CAVALRYGood link for Ga. Military company's

Baxter's (year 1676) listed in London Marriage Licences< /A> Info on many sirnames