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Funstuff I did with pics pg 2.

Funstuff I did with pics pg 3.

Old Wash Day- read it makes you think.

Just some pics I did for fun
See also page 2 of fun pics

The voice with pic is coming from the bottom of the page, see the pic of cake

The green photo above was created at
choose adjust then choose vignette, then radius 121, sigma 212, the animation with the lips done psp animation shop
Build your own Blingee
Add Glitter to your Photos

Create your own at

The snow pic above was done at

Pic John usa below made at

Create your own at

Create your own at

Make your own Bubbles Message

The image below was done on the photobucket site in the ablums section choose make avatar
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting        

Time in a bottle video below


The above was done with crazy

The pic below of the wink was done on the site choose comestic surgery then go from there

Below was done with
View this montage created at One True Media
My Montage 12/18/07

Homes of Donegal         


Can You Open My Safe?
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The heart below was done on

Myspace Heart Generators

Custom Myspace Photo Frame


Custom Myspace Photo Frame


The below done with Fotobabble Fotobabble
The above done with Fotobabble Fotobabble