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Delk Family Index
Parker Family Index
Luker Family Index
Luker Family Index pg2
Luker Family History according to Melba Fuller
Tapp Family Index
Sampley/Sample Family Index
Smith Family Index
Altamaha Scouts
25th Georgia Volunteer Infantry

Liberty County,Georgia page has lots of new stuff
Garrason, Smith
Baxter Crest,Clan and Sept Info.!

A lot of Information on Scots Irish History, including Baxter, Good place.!

Do search for name Baxter (find in page in drop down menu under edit) see Baxter mentioned in American Rev.
Daniel O'Donnell News Group
Kincasslagh, Ireland Home Page, very nice page, lots of info.
Baxter's Isle Of Kent
Old Baxter Photo's slide show I
Need a smile or Hug today!
Grandma's links to video's 08-2010
Grandma's Little Angel Pics
*New*Baseball Pics, Grandma's Little Angel Pics
*New*The Snowman,Grandma's Little Angel Pics

God's Garden
My Music Lyrics &Midi
Frances's Music(more Lyrics & Midi's)
Valda's Favorite's(more Lyrics & Midi's)
Rigsby Family History!
William James Rigsby is missed very much.!

Memorial Page for James Allen Rigsby and Alice Pearl Richardson
Slideshow, Rigsby's at Oakland Cem. Terrell,Tx, 1st Methodist Church
*New*Hensley's Hearth
Hensley Family Pics!
*New*Gardening: Growing Roses From Seed and Indoors
*New Java Script & Code Index
Need help, Cheatsheet for Html code!
Using the embed tag for sound embedding chart explains code
Code For Background Sound!
Music Code Generator
*New Html Tips and Tricks!
*New Html Special Characters!
*New Code for adding sound to a Link!
*New*Cursor Comet Code
*Easy way to make a page anchor or link to same pageCode
*New*Onload Page Blender
*New*Table for Hex & RGB Color Values
*New*Making Thumbnail for Graphics
*New*Embedding a mov with quicktime
*Our New Dawn Rose
Add fun to your text
Shadow Text Generator, Make your own Shadow Text
Using Object and Embedding Tags for Mov,
That All Browsers Can Use

Flashing rainbow scrollbar
Temperture conversion chart
*New*Award Winning Search Engines
Ultimate White Pages (also a reverse directory)
Search Engines and Banner Makers

Lots of Good Search Engines

Genealogy Database Search top sites
Fun Stuff Ninja Turtle Song and Pics
James Patrick's Place
James Patrick Football 2010
James Patrick pics underconstruction
More Fun Stuff Charlotte's Happy Birthday wav Staring Sisters and Mother 2004
Links to my Sites
More Fun Stuff John at Camp 2004
Mov sent to Bobby on his 35th birthday
Texas Bluebonnets outside of Terrell,Tx
Bluebonnets on highway 281 about 70 miles north of San Antonio
July in San Antonio, 2005 Mother's Birthday celebration.
July in San Antonio, 2005 Mother's Birthday celebration 2nd pg.
July in San Antonio, 2005 Mother's Birthday celebration 3rd pg.
July in San Antonio, 2009 Mother's Birthday celebration 90th.
Aug.05 Open house Deborah's School Room
Sunday Dinner in Texas March 2007
Mother Takes a Ride, March 2007
Mother sings "We wish you a Merry Christmas and more Christmas day 2007
Mark's Homepage
Some Nice Pics of Mark
Sept.24,05 Weekend, Race, Church & Lake
"How Much is that Doggie in the Window" midi and lyrics
Mother at Lukenbach, Tx 3/05
Ticker 1.2 displays scrolling links in a box that you can click on
Code for the cubeslide show as in the two links above
Code adding a border to images in cubeslide show
Curve Ticker code(displays text with background across screen in a curve)
Code for image resizer
Example of image resizer
Example of The Underwater Bubble Script
My notes on creating a HD Video or slide show for youtube or other
Code for background Scroll
Backgrounds jpgs or gifs for for bg Scroll
Url for sending pictures from computer to a cell phone
Destresser Game, lots of Fun
Code for background Scroll
Code a simple image preloader
Code Embedding a Windows Media Player in Internet Explorer
Code Embedding a Windows Media Player which accounts for netscape
Html page builder
*** Add blank line to html here's the code, ♥Code also for adding hearts to a html code♥
James Patrick's Treasure Map
Javascript code for drag and drop used with treasure map.
Making gif transparent for web page.
Example of div. of page 2column still not complete
Go here for more complete instructions off of div of page
Example of a preloader with fade in and out text intro
Free Email Account
Link to My TV Broadcasting page on Rootsweb
Daniel O'Donnell News Group
Link to Daniel O'Donnell Video talks about mother's pancakes
Daniel O'Donnell Video's pg 1
Daniel O'Donnell Video's pg 2
Daniel O'Donnell Video's pg 3
Daniel O'Donnell Video's pg 4
Daniel O'Donnell Video's pg 5
Daniel O'Donnell tags or animations I have made for sigs or Posts
Ireland the Country, nice clip
United Kingdom Combined Search Engine called Searchy
List and Guide to lots of Search Engines and what they do
International Directory of Search Engines
Templates,Scripts and Codes, Personal Use by permission only
Simple Templets, Personal Use by permission only
Mother's Birthday Get Together, Slideshow July 2007
Mother's Birthday Get Together, Movies July 2007
Rain San Antonio July 2007
Johnny 43rd Birthday Mov
Click here for information on getting two java scripts to work simultaneously on a page
Example of a page protector called Gate Keeper
Use the word info for a password an see how it works

Example of a page protector called Gate Keeper
Our Trip to Maui! April 2007 underconst.

Code for adding pics to a newsgroup or tags.
Generator for adding background sound
My MP3S.

The pic above done with PhotoFunia,
Code for embeding a gif
Code Generator for html good one
Good Video converter, converts youtube, audio and more
Animated gif I made at
Hensley's Hearth, our fun webpage
code for adding mp3,voice,and voice pics to news group also check souce code for html external box
Movie trailer code and more for adding mov to your site.
Html code for the copywrite © symbol and link to other symbols
Daniel O'Donnell's Personal Website

On Line Flash Maker and More, example (Hi) above and sparkle pic below

Mother talks about Alabama 1930's
Fun Stuff to Try
Fun Stuff I did with pictures
World Clock

Code to Auto start videos and embed on youtube or wherever.

Mum and Dad Waltz, John and Charlotte
Waltz Across Texas Daniel O'Donnell sings, slideshow of John and Charlotte
Nice Templet I made with green bg and roses on tables
Fun Stuff I did with Video's
Our Rose Garden May 08 pics, slideshows and video's,our garden July 07
Converting video extentions like avi to mp4 and more using Super file converter it is on my desktop

Just a note here, I used camstudio to copy video from net and then used super.

Reduce the size of a wav file Reduce the size of a wav file example 2
Add your own sound to a slidshow or movie upload your own audio.
My Videos on Google Video.
Baxter's at Pea River Cem.
free,software for playing by ear
Youtube Video tutorial for using the software for playing by ear
Search 72.2 million cemetery records at by entering a surname and clicking search:

Trouble shooting scripts
Kids Games, Jigsaws, How to Draw, Etc. Animationgrove
Create a moving light behind a picture
Trigger Point Chart

Code for the Pic and text scroll below

This is a pic of David and Andrew's 1st day of school in Richmond


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