~ Mark Rigsby remembers his Grandparents,
He has a few words to say below:~

I remember that my grandfather was a very patient and gentle person who worked very hard and loved his family. He was very proud that all of his children went to school and graduated . Granddaddy was a deacon in the Rock Springs Baptist Church as well as a charter member . From my father's cousins I learned just how much he would help them and their families. Unfortunately Granddaddy died when I was only 6 years old. Aunt Mae favored her father . Grandmother loved flowers and up until she died she kept a small patch of flowers that she would work. I always enjoyed sitting with her and listening to her stories . Her visits to our house in the summer was always a joy. She did not like A/C and we would sit on the front porch. Her pecan pie and chicken and dumplings were just wonderful . She loved to cook . I have tried to make her fried pies but mine pale in comparison to hers. It always amazed me how much my father looked liked his mother the older he got. I was very lucky to have them for Grandparents.


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