B - Nancy McGuire Baird

DATE About 1898.
PHOTO TYPE Tintype in paper jacket

This picture of Nancy McGuire Baird is in the same setting as her picture in Page 10d except in this photograph she has some flowers(?) on her lap and in Page 10d she has a fan and flowers(?) on her lap. This photograph is enclosed in a paper jacket and Nancy has written the following behind the picture on the jacket;

"Nancy Cathrine Baird was Borned January 30. 1839 Marid Aug the 19. 1858 & Presents this to Mrs Elizabeth Sanders in the year of 1898 in love return."

Both this photograph and the photograph of Ida Tatum Baird in "A" were given to Elizabeth Sanders in 1898. After Mrs. Sanders died these pictures were found among her possessions in Village Springs, AL and given to Kay Whaley's mother, Robbie McCay Hunter, to pass on to Kay.