Baird Photo Album Cover

The Baird photo album has no copyright date but appears to be older than Ida's album which has a copyright date of Oct. 11, 1892. The album's binding has been repaired twice, the first time many years ago with cloth tape and more recently with clear plastic tape. During the first repair, the title page and three picture frame holders (6 pages) were inadvertently moved to the rear of the album. Page numbering starts with page 1 being the first page after the title page. Presently there is only two pictures in this rear group which are on pages 3 and 5. The present front page of the album is identified as page 7 and page numbering continues consecutively after this.

Photographs in the album date from mid-1860s tintypes to early 1900s cabinet cards. The photographs are not arranged in chronological order although there are several areas in the album where photographs from the same time period are grouped together on the same page or adjacent pages. Also, the album contains several newspaper clippings of pictures and articles, printed calling cards, religious pictures and brochures, political campaign picture cards, advertisments, a coupon for a framed 16 x 20 inch portrait, half of an envelope, and a lock of

braided hair wrapped in tissue, none of which are included on the web pages. Some of this material is dated with dates ranging from 1893 to 3 Mar 1909, the postmark date on the envelope used by Bert G. Covell, photographer in Birmingham, Alabama to send two proofs of pictures to Mrs. Thomas Hunter (Ida Baird Hunter) in Pinson, Alabama. These proofs are contained in the album but are not included on the web pages because they are faded beyond recognition.