Ida Baird Hunter Photo Album
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Page numbers with no letters have a single cabinet card photograph per page. Page numbers followed by the letters a, b, c, or d have 4 photographs per page. An "a" indicates the photo was in the upper left hand corner, "b", upper right hand corner, "c" lower left hand corner, and "d" lower right hand corner. A missing page number means no picture was included on the page or a part of the page for those pages having space for four photographs.
Cover Title Page (p1) Unidentified (p2) John Milton Baird & Family (p3) Martha Baird & John Trucks (p5) Ida Ellie Tatum Baird
(p6) Margaret T. Rogers (p7) Unidentified (p8) Unidentified (p9) Unidentified (p10) Adelia C. Brodnax Baird (p11) Unidentified
(p12) Ida Ellie Tatum Baird (p13) Unidentified (p14) Len Sanders (p15) Dr. Bee Chamblee (p16) Unidentified (p17a) Joseph Peyton (Pate) Hickman
(p17c) Unidentified (p18a) Unidentified (p18b) Unidentified (p18c) Jannie and Lizzie (p18d) John Milton Baird (p19a) James Monroe (Roe) Baird
(p19b) Robert Franklin (Frank) Baird (p19d) Unidentified