Page 1 - Unidentified

DATE About 1892
PLACE J. H. Shepherd Studio, 1910½ - 2nd Avenue, Birmingham, Ala.
PHOTO TYPE Cabinet Card
FEATURES 1. The wording on the ribbon attached to the man's coat is as follows:

2. The man is wearing a wedding ring on the ring finger of his right hand.

A.E.A. stands for Alabama Education Association, indicating that this man was a teacher and had recently attended an A.E.A. convention in Birmingham. Among James Baird and Sarah Wade's descendants, only Robert Bedford's son, John Franklin Baird, is known to be a teacher around 1892. In his memoirs, Judge Robert Samuel Baird (Robert Bedford's

grandson), b. 5 May 1896, states "that both his father, John Franklin Baird b. 12 Mar 1861, and his brother Robert Henry went to a subscription school and later took the Alabama State Teacher's Examination and received Teachers Certificates. Thereafter they both taught school. John Franklin continued teaching for a long time but his brother, Robert Henry, went on to attend the Atlanta Medical College, graduated, practiced medicine and was the Cullman County Health Officer for a long time." This picture has been reviewed by John Franklin Baird and Dora Lugene Livingston's grandchildren, and they state that the man and woman are not their grandparents. Frank Chetham Baird, grandson of Robert Henry Baird, states that his grandfather never taught school, but graduated from Alabama's Medical School in Mobile, then attended medical school in Atlanta, and probably also in Nashville. Frank, who has a picture of his grandparents taken at about the same age as the couple in the picture, states that the man and woman are not his grandparents.