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Amber Alert

For more information on the Amber Alert system:


To receive an Amber Alert ticker for your desktop or website:


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The AMBER stickô is the world's first fully portable child identification device.  Information on how to purchase:  


The following statistics are from:

As of February 5, 2007:


Amber Alerts published by Code Amber: 422
Number of children involved: 504
Number of States issuing Alerts: 42
Number of Alerts resolved in a different state: 95
Percentage of Alerts resolved out of state: 23%
Number of Canadian Provinces: 5
Number of children still missing: 15
Number of children never coming home: 24
Number of female children: 295
Number of male children: 209
Number of African American children: 100
Number of Asian children: 6
Number of Caucasian children: 265
Number of Hispanic children: 128
Number of Native American children: 5

Note: Seven of the Amber Alerts listed as having been resolved in a different state were actually resolved in Mexico with the help of Mexican authorities. The above statistics do not include currently active Amber Alerts.