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This family history is dedicated to my grandson, Anthony Gerald,

"Always remember your roots"


 to my grandparents:
George Austin William and Ollie Floss Gilbert Best
William Ernest and Mable Chumbley Baker Barber

and my parents:
LeRoy Gerald and Helen Louise Barber Best

"Thank you"


To my sister, Gerry Lou, and her family:
Tara, Steven, Justin, Clint, Morgan, Tyson
Jill, Mike, Sarah, Micah
Steve, Jin, Benjamin, John

"I love you all more than you will ever know"


To Jerry, my deceased brother-in-law

"You were always my hero"


To my husband, Patrick

"You make everything possible"


To my daughter, Stephanie

"Without you there would have been nothing"


And to Ryan

"You've made our family complete"