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My parents: First, I should thank Daddy and Momma for taking the time to write names on the back of all those old photos!

My sister and her kids: They have sent photos, answered questions, remembered things I didn't, and praised me when I needed it.

Lyndel Biby: I simply would not have had as much information as I do for the Bests and Gilberts if it were not for the efforts Lyndel put into searching out our ancestors. I truly appreciate his hard work and his willingness to share his results with me.  He has answered questions and dug out documents (again and again) to fill in blanks. 

Don and Bonnie Shepherd: Had Bonnie not been interested in the bags of pictures and documents in her Mother-in-law's attic, much of the information on the Bakers and Graffts would simply have passed into memories. Bonnie compiled family books using a manual typewriter and a photocopier. The result is a beautiful compilation of her husband's family histories.  I appreciate the opportunity I had to copy those pages.

Harold Boyts: Harold willingly shared his database with me and has helped me track down the ever-so-elusive Barber side of our family.  He also has Baker genes and has confirmed and added to Don and Bonnie's work.  The stack of obituaries and memorial cards he was brave enough to mail from Kansas to Oregon contributed a great many dates and images as did his mom's (my beloved Aunt Marie) photo album which also made the round-trip.

Christa Anderson: Christa is a "found" second cousin.  She had posted a query looking for information on Levi Barber (our great-grandfather) in 2002 or so.  I found her posting and started searching for a current e-mail address and making postings hoping she would see them.  The second e-mail address I found worked and we have shared information and photos.  Thanks to Christa I now know about Levi's parents and grandparents.  We have put names to faces and solved photo mysteries along the way.  Because of Christa I have a Grandma and Granddaddy Barber's wedding picture.

Grant and Marge Marquette:  Grant and Marge have more background on Mary Powers (married to Levi Barber) and her connection to the Markwardt/Markworth/Marquette family.  They also had many photos of Mary and her brother, their mother and other family members.

Owen Goldsmith:  For his meticulous pedigree on Frank and Addie Barber's family.  Owen also sent many original pages from his mother's photo album for me to keep as well as cards and a couple of letters.

Mary Somogyi for graciously sharing her 30 years of research and her knowledge about the Bersch/Berst family and the many families connected to them.  Mary's knowledge of Riedseltz, Wissembourg, Bas Rhin, Alsace, France (yes, that's all one place) is profound.  Currently, she is photographing Riedseltz records from LDS microfilm to seek out more family members.

Brendon Hansen and Wendy O'Brien are sisters who grew up in the same area of Buffalo where George Martin and Eva Marie Starck Bersch/Berst settled.  They have spent countless hours on-line and in the archives of Buffalo churches, libraries, cemeteries and city hall searching out documents, photos, and other wondrous finds.  They have sent pictures of cemetery plots and grave makers and have spent at least two days cleaning up plots and resetting stones.

"The Bersch Gang" - In addition to Mary, Brendon and Wendy - -  David Berst, Serge Berst, Lisa Murdock, Rhonda Hastings, Richard Engstrom, Bonnie Dretsch (Kolb family), Don Finel (Lux family), Francis Sheldrick, and Nancy Clark (Puls family). All connected through the Bersch family from Riedseltz! 

"Gilberts" - David Joyce and Walter Gilbert whose web-sites are extensive and who allowed me to use their material.  Deena Hougham, Jacque Owens, Janet Hanson, and Mary Cassel Case who have graciously answered my query.  Jan Baumeister and Junia & Marvin Epperson who shared information and answered my questions.

Illa Biby Moore. who came to visit and packed along photo albums.

Ray Downing, who's relative married my relative.  He shared an entire branch with me!

Marilyn Canfield, who has ties to both places I call home.  She shared a very old directory of early Grant County, Oklahoma families. We have also shared many memories and she continues to be someone I can count on for the latest Maxine jokes.

Lois Caywood Guffy - Lois's knowledge of Grant County astounds me.  She has answered a great many questions about the people and places and has shared a good number of (good) stories as well.  Lois was a bright spot during a dark summer and continues to be a soft shoulder I continue to turn to through the wonders of e-mail.

Carol Haws Bixler might not have known what she was getting into when she so gleefully answered my e-mail.  She already has a list of things-to-do!

Dan Sears and Tom Reed for sharing their Baker/Crum/Estep materials with me.

J. Robert Israel - descended from Ruth Israel Baker's (Abednego) family - has shared his extensive pedigree chart.

To all of you -
I hope you enjoy this web-site.