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“Who are we, we Americans?  How did we get where we are?  What is our story and what can it teach us?  Our story is our history . . . .” — David McCullough, author of books, John Adams and Truman

Hi, welcome to my web site!  I hope that your visit here is productive in your quest to find your roots.  At present, I have no plans to add informa­tion to this site, but I will check the internet links once in awhile to make sure they are still active.

The centerpiece of this site is an online edition of the book, Bunce Genealogy and History, which was copyrighted and published in 1977 by my father and his sister, along with links to supplemental material dis­covered since 1977.  A little more than 100 copies of the book were published and sold to family members, but copies were also do­nated to several libraries.  There­fore, most of the links, but not all, on the pull-down menu will take you first to the page in the book where information appears for the name you seek, and then you may follow links, if any, from the book to the supple­mental informa­tion.  The pull-down menu has a list of nearly all the surnames, over 130, found in the book, as well as my supplements to it, for which there is a record of two or more gener­a­tions, but it does not include all the names on this site, nor all those in the History and Directory of Yates County, New York.  Just scroll through the pull-down menu, then click on a surname or topic of interest to you, and the section where the name appears will be displayed from the book or supplements.

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