Memoirs of the Wilkinson Family in America, published 1869
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Introduction to This Website

This web site is now complete.  It is a transcribed copy of the book, Memoirs of the Wilkinson Family in America from scanned pages available at the web site:  Memoirs of the Wilkinson Family in America, which is part of the New England History and Genealogy Free Books Online Effort.  You may bypass the repeated title page information on the next page and go directly to the Table of Contents, if you wish.

I transcribed this incomplete book to make it more readily searchable online, and also because my earliest known Cole ancestor was Robert Cole, one of the 13 original settlers of the Providence Plantation, whose name appears briefly in the first few chapters of this book.  Additionally, one of my g.g.aunts Elizabeth Kennedy, b. abt. 1842, married a man named Wilkinson in Chester Co., Pennsylvania, and I would like to know more about her and her family.  It seems possible that Elizabeth Kennedy married either a descendant of Joseph Wilkinson, said to have settled in Chester Co., Penn. before 1800, or a descendant of John Wilkinson, who settled in Bucks Co., Pa., and was the father of the Joseph mentioned first.  If anyone has information about Elizabeth (Kennedy) Wilkinson and her spouse and children, please email me.  Lastly, as stated by Rev. Israel Wilkinson, in this book on another of those earliest settlers, we, their posterity, should pay them proper tribute.

This online document has the text of all the pages that were scanned and placed on the above web site; however, a number of pages are missing from the scanned copy, and are therefore not included here.  The missing pages are:  188-191, 200-209, 242-255, 262-273, 298-317, 388-389, 490-507, and 562-575 making a total of about 76 pages that are missing from this online version.  It is somewhat difficult to ascertain how many of the original pages are missing, since the page numbering is also wrong in some portions of the book; however, the online copies end on page 577, which is likely the final page in the book, since the index begins on p. 579 and page 578 is a blank page.  Notes have been inserted into the online pages to show where the missing information should have appeared.  Many of the missing pages contain information about the family of Jemima Wilkinson, the leader of a religious sect, which in 1789, established the first white man's settlement in what is now Yates County, New York.  To my knowledge, copies of this book can be purchased from at least two genealogical online book publishers.

Also, as stated previously, some of the pages were numbered erroneously.  For instance, in the biography of William Hopkins, which begins on the page numbered 350, the following two pages are numbered 452 and 353, but the text is appears to be consecutive.  Also page 324 is followed by pages 425, 426, 427 in the partial biography of Jemima Wilkinson.

Lastly, the index on pp. 579-85 of this book is not reproduced here, since a link to a search engine is provided to enable visitors to find the names they are seeking.  There are also hyperlinks between many of the names to other sections in the book where the same name appears again.  Surnames of many other families were included in this book, since the author often included the names of the spouses and children of the Wilkinson daughters, as well as providing some background on the wives who married into the family.  Among the more numerous surnames recorded in the book are:  Aldrich, Allen, Angell, Arnold, Atwood, Ballou, Bennett, Brown, Carpenter, Chapin, Chase, Cheney, Cole, Comstock, Cook, Davis, Dexter, Goodwin, Greene, Hopkins, Jenks, Miller, Morris, Olney, Potter, Rogers, Sayles, Sheldon, Smith, Steere, Thayer, Thompson, Waterman, Whipple, Wickenden, Wilder and Williams, plus many others.

Hint:  You may get more search results by entering only a first name or last name, separately, since most of the entries contain only the first name of a person; the surname is in the entry for the parents.

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