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Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information contained on this website, it is the result of an ongoing study and therefore may be incomplete in some areas. I would appreciate knowing of any errors found on this website, and will NOT be offended! This is still very much a "work-in-progress" and should be treated as such.

It is advisable to check all original sources before including any of the stated information into your own research.

I have documented the sources of most of my information, even duplicate or conflicting information. These sources are available upon request if not listed on these pages, If the source was an individual then I will contact that person and attempt to either get their consent to give out their name and how to contact them, or I will ask them to contact you directly. In rare instances sources may be missing. For this I apologize. Early in my research I did not document my sources since I never expected to share my work with others. I have attempted to retrace my research wherever possible and include these sources, but have not yet succeeded in every instance.

There are also separate sections dealing with copyright, both of my own information and that which has been obtained from other sources, as well as privacy information for any persons living or dead named on this website.


The information and layout contained in the pages of this website belong to Bradley Collins and normal copyright laws apply. These pages are free for you to view and use for personal use only. No permission is granted for any part of this website or the information contained within to be published or reproduced in any format, electronic or otherwise without consent from the copyright holder

For permission to reproduce anything, I can be contacted by e-mail at

Some pages within this website contain information gained from already published sources, if this is the case, then I have noted these sources and any copyright belongs to whomever published or wrote that information.


I have not published all of the information on our family for obvious privacy considerations. I feel that I do not have the right to publish genealogical information of people that are still alive and who have not given their permission.
Genealogy is a fascinating and interesting pastime, and the quest for knowledge may never end. But this must also be tempered so that we do not offend the very same people whose history we are trying to preserve.
The full details of any person falling into one of the categories below are suppressed at this site, unless permission has been obtained to include them:
If you are genuinely interested in the information that you think may be suppressed, please email us and we will consider releasing the information to you, complete with source details. We trust that you understand our reasons for maintaining privacy and ask that you always consider others during your quest for genealogical knowledge.

Bradley Collins
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Page last updated : 22 March 2005