Homepage of Della And William Quick <body vlink=#800080 alink=#FF0000 link=#0000FF bgcolor=#FFFFFF text=#000000> <center><h1>Homepage for </h1></center> <p> Thank you for visiting my Family's Web Page. I hope you enjoy the site, and please be patient as I am still learning and adding to the site all the time. <p>I am presently researching the family tree. Names are Quick, Young, Smith, Osmon, Ellis, Arrol, and many many more. I would love to hear form people that have information and/or are related in any way. If you find errors please email me with the corrections.<p> </p> <p><font size=+1>Here are some of my favorite websites:</font></p> <p> <a href=http://ww.ancestry.com>Ancestry </a> (http://ww.ancestry.com)<br> <a href=http//ca.geocities.com-frenchlady2001/personalpageblue.html>My Personal Page</a> (http//ca.geocities.com-frenchlady2001/personalpageblue.html)<br> </p> <hr size=1> This page belongs to Della Quick