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De La Beche Family Tree - including Henry Thomas De La Beche

In my hunt for the family of John Beach Snr, I am researching the DE LA BECHE family associated with Henry Thomas De La Beche. This is due to a remarkable facial resemblance with my father, that warranted some investigation given previous family suggestions from my grandfather. This page is a dump of information I've collected in looking into the De La Beche family tree. I couldn't find the tree anywhere, so started to piece it together. I have NOT found a connection to my own BEACH family tree as yet. I hope this helps someone.

Thomas Beach
b. xx xxx 1715 --> d. xx xxx 1774
Thomas Beach
b. xx xxx 1755 --> d. xx xxx 1801
m. Elizabeth
Changed name to De La Beche (1790)
Henry Thomas De La Beche
b. 10 Feb 1796 --> d. 13 Apr 1855
m. Letitia Whyte (later separated)
1851 Census: p1490/f862/p14
Elizabeth "Bessie" De La Beche
b. xx xxx 1819 --> d. xx xxx 1866
m. Lewis Llewelyn Dillwyn
Rosie De La Beche
No children? Never married?
Elizabeth Amy Dillwyn
b. 16 May 1845 --> d. xx xx 1866
Engaged to xxx
Went by "Amy". Never Married. 1851 Piece 2466 folio 626 page 3
Henry De La Beche Dillwyn
b. app 1844 --> d.
Sarah "Essie" Dillwyn
b. 1853 --> d.
m. 1873
5 children plus 1 illegitimate
Sources: 1.





















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