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Hi, I'm James Beach. I inherited information on my family's history from my grandfather and his brother. Looking over the Internet, I've stuggled to find much about the UK element of the Beach family. This site is all about tipping the balance in our favour a bit!

If you're a member of the Beach Family within the UK, or have links on your family tree to us, then I'd be delighted to hear from you. Please note that I have included all information I know about my ancestors on this don't contact me asking if I know of any other Beach's... I will endeavour to update this site as I find out more information on my ancestors.

My personal aim from this site is to gain knowledge of my family prior to 1841, and in the process, hopefully help others out with their own trees by adding links to mine.



James Beach


P.S. Please do get in touch if you are linked to my family tree, not only would it be interesting, but I can provide a link to your website from here, and perhaps even update this site to include your ancestors (living generations removed as per my own).


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