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My Family Tree - Name Index

This name index shows all the surnames (other than Beach!) that have found their way into my family tree.

Please note that, as with the rest of this site, this information does not cover living generations of my family, so the most recent instances of some surnames will not be included in the below list.



Name: Josephine Allwood b. 14 December ????
Married: Arthur Peter Beach b. 2 November 1918


Name: Charles Baker
Married: Roma Beach (Generation 3)

Boulton (possibly Bolton)

Name: Anne Boulton (possibly Ann) b. 31 January 1840 d. 1 June 1910
Married: John Beach b. 6 October 1841 d. 24 July 1895


Name: Maud Burton
Married: Charles Arthur Beach b. 6 May 1869 d. 25 October 1964


Name: Eileen Close
Married: Edward A Beach (Generation 3)


Name: George Guibon Druse
Married: Jessie Louise Beach b. 1 July 1880


Name: Bessie Grant
Married: John Beach b. 7 May 1865


Name: Aggie Hall
Married: Charles William Beach b. 23 July 1876


Name: Yvonne Hazel Jenner b. 3 February 1919
Married: William Percival Beach b. 9 April 1909


Name: Ethel Marion Packham b. 7 September 1883 d. 16 February 1969
Married: Percy Walter Beach b. 25 November 1881 d. 10 September 1962


Name: Kathleen Philpot
Married: Lionel Beach (Generation 3)


Name: Dora Reason
Married: Albert Edward Beach b. 12 January 1878 d. 4th ??? 1959

Name: Edith Reason
Married: Walter Beach (Generation 3)


Name: Stanley Rogers
Married: Grace Ellen Beach b. 18 April 1868 d. 8 November 1953


Name: James Row
Married: Winnie Beach (Generation 3)


Name: Alice Trapp
Married: Willie Beach b. 14 September 1872


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