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Antwerp Township



Index to the


Sixth Census of the United States

- 1840 -


Note:  So as to minimize, and eventually eliminate, any corruptions of those names listed below, current plans include researching additional indices beyond those used to date in compiling this first attempt at listing those Heads of Household enumerated in the 1840 Federal Census for Antwerp Township. 


Enumerator:    Andrew Longstreet

Census Page 8                                                                        Census Page 9


Savage, Levi                                                                            Gates, Ezra

Hurlbert, Abel                                                                        Waldruff, David

Hull, David                                                                              Fitch, Morgan L.

Hathaway, Newton                                                               Plank, Jacob J.

Tomlinson, Joel                                                                     Potter, Franklin

Bingham, John K.                                                                  Lawrence, Lyman

Longstreet, Christopher                                                     Bordon, Issac S.

Longstreet, Samuel                                                              Markle, Jacob C.

Dyckman, Evert                                                                    Fergerson, Hannah

Hinckley, Henry                                                                   Van Antwerp, Michael

Morrison,                                                                                Smith, Mary F.

Bangs, Joshua                                                                       Abbe, ???????????

Woodman, Joseph                                                                Holmes, Reason

Gray, Wells                                                                             Hunt, John

Corey, Anthony                                                                     Moon, Philip

Wilcox, Daniel                                                                       Moon, W????????

Bangs, Theo                                                                           Woodman, David

Phillips, Soloman                                                                 Warner, Oliver

Williams, Philip                                                                    Gilman, Joseph

Van Antwerp, Daniel                                                          Gilman, Samuel

Durham, Nat???????????????                                            Worthington, Henry

Fitch, Lyman                                                                         Lane, Abram M.       

Taylor, Wm.                                                                           Hall, John

Cate, James???????????????

Butler, J.

Butler, Wm.

Abee, Jesse