Risinger Unidentified Photos  

These images are either unidentified, partly identified or tentatively identified.  They are most probably descendants of Leroy McDuffy Risinger and Julia Ann Mize--or friends of theirs.  If you know the identity of either the persons or the places in these photographs, please identify them by number and list people left to right, top to bottom. These images have been reduced in quality to make them accessable on the web.  I have much better quality images available on request. Email information or requests to: Barbara Eberly.  

 Risinger Images 

   1. This is identified as "Maggie and grandchildren."  Center top is Margaret Mahala "Maggie" Risinger Risinger.  Can anyone identify the children--any of the children?  

  2.  This is identified as "Alfred."  Obviously Alfred Risinger (son of David and Maggie) is on the left.  Who is on the right?

3. Alfred on left.  Who is on right?

4. Who?  Where? When?

Reply: 06-05-03 Rose Ann Watson:  Burke Samford, Jerry Bowlin, Alfred Risinger


5.  May be Alfred on right.  Who are the other two?

5. Alfred on right? and ?  Where?  When? This is a close up of the picture below.

5. Long Shot--Where? When? Story?


 6.  Alfred on Left.  Who is on right?  When?

7.  Who?  When?
Reply 06-05-03 Rose Ann Watson:  Bid and Lit Ferguson

8. Somebody says that the girl with the unbrella is D. C. Risinger (Paramore).
Who are the other people?  

Reply 06-05-03 Rose Ann Watson: On back of photo:  Mrs D. C. Risinger Paramore, Mr. W. F. Williams, eyes Brown (Don't ask me, I don't know either) about 12 miles from Center on the Tenaha and Timpson Road.
Note from Barbara:  If we presume that the three identified are the ones in front, who is the one with the umbrella?


9.  I have been told that this is Caroline Risinger Witherspoon.  Can anyone verify this?

Reply: 06-05-03, Rose Ann Watson:  on back of photo: "sister of Leroy McDuffie Risinger"
identified by D. C. Risinger Paramore, Aunt Caroline (Bowlin) Witherspoon."

10.  This one says "Garys."  Is this the surname of the family?  If so, how do they tie in?  First names? When?

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Bradley Springs Cemetery, Tenaha, Texas
(mostly descendants of Amos Risinger and Mahala Stone)

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