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Welcome To The Norris Family Home Page This page is dedicatd to the memory of my father The late John E. Norris, Sr. Captain Dunn Fire Department October 4,1922 - November 11,1976 and my brother, The late John E. Norris, Jr. Sergeant Dunn Police Department June 6,1945 - April 14,1973

We would like to share with you Our Family History and a lot os special memories. John E. Norris,Sr. was born in Erwin North Carolina and was the son of the late Amos Eldridge Norris and Maggie Clark Norris of Dunn, N.C. On July 18,1944 he married Dora Belle Matthews daughter of Gertie Shaw Matthews and Lundy Durwood Barbour of Coats,North Carolina. On June6,1945 their first child, a son was born. John E. (Johnny) Norris, Jr. and on August 3,1953 their second child was born, Becky Jo Norris. John E. Norris was the first full time paid Fireman with Dunn Fire Department from 1944 until his death in 1976. He served as Assistant Chief, Captain and Leiutenant during his career.My brother Johnny became a Police Officer for the Dunn Police Department when he was sworn in on his 21st birthday. In 1966 He was Chief of Police in Lillington, N.C. for a brief time and returned to Dunn Police Department where he said his heart belonged. Soon after he was promoted to Sergeant and spend his career at Dunn Police Department until his sudden death on April 14,1973 at the age of 27.

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