Beccy Stones's genealogy pages

Beccy Stones's genealogy pages

As I have used various sources of information on the following pages, some of the information may not be correct. I have included the source of each piece of information so that you can decide for yourself how trustworthy it is. If you want to use any information on these pages, please include an acknowledgement and a link to this page.

You can look at people associated with Eaton or Huddleston or you can go directly to my grandparents:

Annie Huddleston (1905-1997) married Herbert Clarke (1904-1959)

Eleanor Hetherington (1908-1962) married James Price (1886-1967)

Other information on these pages

Annie and Herbert met at the Aireborough Grammar School in Guiseley, West Riding, Yorkshire. If you are trying to trace people in the 1920s, I have a list of members of the school's past pupils guild.

My great-grandfather, Eddie Hetherington, was the priest at Silchester until 1925. Follow this link to see a list of parishioners who contributed towards a farewell gift for him.

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