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Hello there ! This is my first web page and hopefully I will do a good job at it . Now down to my main reason for this page. First off my name is Connie Rae Beckner /Koontz. On these pages I will have the information on both sides my father. The Beckner side which is his father's side and the Terrell side which is his mother's side. I have been working on this for over 15 years . I just recently got back in touch with my 80 year old Great Uncle on my Terrell side , so maybe now I can get the whole story on them. There are quite over 7000 people in my tree so far most of them are from the Beckner side of the family. So if all else fails you will have information on the Beckner family to say the least. Any way I wanted to be able to share what I have with other Beckner and Terrell family . I have always wanted to know where my roots laid and now I have found that with what I have on the Beckner family . Now you can also see where your roots are . Enjoy ! If you have any questions or need to have something changed please let me know at this email address connierea45@attbi.com. I will do everything in my power to get things right . Alot of the information that I have has not been proved , it was either given to me by family members or from the book (Beckners In America The First 250 Years ) By: Brenda Cook Beckner & Barbara Roland Beckner So enjoy and hey have a Wonderful Day !

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