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Samuel Sylvester Reeves
Aug 22, 1827 (Fleming Co.,Ky) - Aug 30, 1899 (Hines, California)

Los Angeles County pioneer

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From an old tintype. Samuel Sylvester Reeves, 40, with son William, age 4, taken in 1867. Samuel is the father of Lucetta Florence Reeves will will marry David Willis McDannald.

Samuel was born Aug 22, 1827 in Fleming County, Kentucky. It is speculated that his parents were Thomas C Reeves and Mary Ann McDannald Reeves.

Thomas C Reeves moved from Kentucky around the year 1831 to Brown County, Illinois. Many related Reeves, McDannald, Cull, and Linn families moved from Kentucky to Illinois at about the same time. In 1850 Samuel Sylvester was listed as 22 year old "Vesta", short for Sylvester, living with his father Thomas C Reeves. He was also listed as living with the family of William and Mary Jaques who would soon leave for Missouri as Mormon preachers. It is possible that Samuel traveled with the Jaques family to Missouri where he would meet the Cleminson family who would leave by Mormon wagon train for California starting out on the Sante Fe Trail on July, 1851. He hired on with the Cleminsons as a wagon driver.
The Cleminson group arrived in San Diego one year later in July, 1852 with just their clothes they were wearing, as they lost all wagons and provisions along the way. While most Mormons were leaving Missouri for Utah at that time, the Cleminsons and many others were on their way to eventually establish the Mormon city of San Bernadino in California. During the long journey, Samuel and the Cleminson daughter, Lydia, fell in love. After they arrived in San Diego, Samuel, 22, married Lydia Cleminson, 16, on July 11, 1852, one of the first American citizens married in San Diego after California became a state1.

Their first child, Alice Ann Reeves, was born March 13, 1853.

Shortly after their stay in San Diego, the Reeves, Cleminsons and other Mormon families moved to San Bernadino. Around 1858, Mormon leaders in Utah told their San Bernadino brethern to leave San Bernadino and move to Utah; however, the Reeves and Cleminsons choose to move to nearby El Monte.

In 1860, Samuel, 30, and Lydia, 24, Reeves were farming in El Monte, Calif. At that time, they had four children, Alice, 7, Mary J, 5, Ellen, 3, and Lucetta Reeves, our grandmother, age 10 months. Farming next door to the Reeves, were Lydia's parents, John Cleminson, 62, and Lydia Lightner Cleminson, 60.

In 1870, Samuel, 40 and Lydia, 34 had moved back to a farm in San Bernadino. The value of their farm was $1500, with personal property worth $200. They had six children at that time, Alice, 17, Mary J, 14, Ellen, 13, our "Lucetta", 11, William, 8 and Mariette, 3.

In 1875, Samuel's daughter, Lucetta, 16 years old, married David McDannald, 23, in El Monte. Soon after, Lucetta and David would move to Oregon to live with his parents.

In 1880, Samuel, 50, and Lydia, 44, were farming in Azusa, L.A. County. They had six children, Mary, 24, Ella, 21, Willie, 18, Minnie, 13, Lillian, 8 and Ina 5.

California Voters Registration:

1867 El Monte Reeves, Samuel S, 37 KY, Farmer, reg. 3/12/1867
1879 Azusa Reeves, Samuel S, 50 KY, Farmer, reg. 7/8/1879
1884 Azusa Reeves, Samuel S, 56 b. KY, farmer, reg. 6/8/1884
1888 Azusa Reeves, Samuel S, 60 KY, farmer, reg. Sept, 1888.
1890 Azusa Reeves, Samuel S, 63 born Ky, farmer, reg. 7/31/1890.
1892 Azusa Reeves, Samuel S, 66 Light, Blue, Gray, farmer, KY, 9/1/92
1896 Azusa - Reeves, Samuel S, 69 years old 59 dark complexion, blue eyes, grayhr

Samuel passed away August 30, 1899 at the age of 72 in Hines, Calif. He is buried in Fairmont Cemetery, Azusa-Glendora, California.

In 1900, his widow Lydia Cleminson Reeves was living with her daughters, Lillian and Ina in Downey, L.A. County.
Lydia would live to age 89, passing away in 1925. The last child of Samuel's family, Ina, would also live to age 89, passing in 1964.

[1]. According to the August 3, 1852 issue of "Alta California" newspaper.