Beckworth Genealogy - Introduction  
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Welcome to Beckworth Genealogy.

These pages have been created to display Beckworth Genealogy.  My thanks go to my Uncle Major Maxwell Beckworth, my Greatuncle Carlton "Pete" Beckworth and Allison Beckworth for the years they have spent researching our ancestry. 

At first, the genealogy from James Kinion Beckworth down will be displayed.  As time permits, I will add the genealogy from James Kinion up as far as research has been able to determine our ancestry.

My thanks also go to my cousin Merle and her brothers and sisters who has been instrumental in getting us all together for a family reunion each year. 

Not only do I want to display our genealogy, I also want to include as many biographies/Memorial pages on my Beckworth relatives, as possible.  I will write biographies on my grandfather Uriah Beckworth, my grandmother Elnita Horton Beckworth and my uncle Harley Beckworth.  If you read these and want to add anything, please get the information to me and I will redo the biographies that I create. 

There will also be a family photo album.  Here we will display family photographs.  There will be old photographs as well as new ones, such as photos from the 1999 and 2000 family reunions. 

Please feel free to offer suggestions, submit photographs and send me Biography/Memorial Pages on your family members. 

Thank you, 

R.L. Dukes 
Great-Grandson of James Kinion Beckworth

Most of the information of this web site came from the research performed by Major James Maxwell Beckworth and Allison Beckworth.  In addition to a button to email the webmaster, I have included buttons to email James and Allison.

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