Our Nicaraguan Roots

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I am making this page in the hopes that some day, at some time, we will be able to connect with relatives from our Nicaraguan families. If you have any information or access to any information and can help, please email me!


Hilario Selva was first married to Sophia Carus Wilson. They had at least 2 children together; Ernesto & Hilario.

Hilario later married Petrona and had 4 more children; Carlos Alberto, Adolfo, Edward, & Ninfa. Adolfo Selva was born in Granada, Nicaragua in 1900.

In 1918, Adolfo and his brother, Carlos "Alberto" were passengers on the SS Newport, leaving from Corinto, Nicaragua, and arriving in San Francisco, CA. They list their brother, Ernesto, living in Granada, as their nearest relative. They were joining their friend, Jose A Urbina, at 737 Fillmore St., in San Francisco. A year later, in 1919, their brother Edward made the same journey. He lists his father, Hilario in Granada, as his nearest relative and is planning on joining Adolfo Selva, his brother, at 301 California St. in San Francisco.

World War I draft cards filled out in 1918 for both Alberto and Adolfo list their father as Hilario Selva living in Granada. They were both staying at the City Hotel at 181 Jessee St. in San Francisco at that time. Alberto is listed as unemployed, but Adolfo's employer is listed as Union Iron Works.

It is my understanding that Adolfo made several trips back and forth between San Francisco and Nicaragua over the years. He fathered several children before his marriage to Maria Dolores Salinas around 1950. We would very much like to find these relatives! I only know the name of one of these children of Adolfo's. His name is Carlos Alberto. It doesn't help that everyone in this family used the same names over and over, does it? There was also at least one daughter but I don't know her name. At one point she sent a shirt for one of Adolfo's children with Maria Dolores Salinas, so I know there was contact between Adolfo and some of these children in Nicaragua.

San Francisco census records in 1930 show Adolfo and his mother, Petrona, living in the household of Adolfo's sister, Ninfa, and her family. He and his brother-in-law, Charles Jarboe, are listed as painters.

In 1931, I found a manifest for the SS Guatemala that documents Petrona (Espinosa) Selva's return to San Francisco from a trip to Nicaragua to visit with her sister, Isabel Espinosa. According to this document, she first arrived in San Francisco in 1923, which was right after the death of her husband, Hilario. She remained in San Francisco until her departure in January 1931. She returned in August of that same year to her residence at 1371 32nd Ave. in San Francisco.

Around 1959, Adolfo moved his wife and 5 children to San Francisco to live permanently.




I don't know very much about the Salinas line. Ernesto Salinas was the son of Enrique Salinas and Engracia Belmonte. Enrique is said to be half German. He married Ana Maria Ordoņez. They had 5 children between the years 1925-1943. Two of them died during childhood.

Ana Maria Ordoņez was the child of Juan Torres and Viviana Ordoņez. Apparently they were not married and the children took their mother's name. Juan is said to have been from Spain.




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