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Picture of barn John Smart was born in Lake Killarney, Ireland, according to family legend. Although there has been no actual documenation to prove this, every family researcher I have discovered that is tracing this particular Smart line generally accepts Ireland as John's place of birth. Little is known of John Smart's wife. Deeds have been located that indicate her first name was Frances and there are very strong ties to the Bennett family, so it's possible her last name was Bennett.

Another aspect of this family is the absence of any document listing the children of John Smart other than a handwritten history of the Smart family by Thomas L. Smart, great great grandson of John Smart, that was dated 28 June 1937. Once again everyone that is researching this family always list the same children.

Those children were:
JohnMatthewStephenElisha SamuelAgnesJames DentonThomas

girl with chickens

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