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Second Generation

6. Elizabeth Bedwell8 died after 1691 in Delaware. She was born in Old Rappahannock County, Virginia.34

• Port of London; English merchants’ imports to London; record made by the Controller of Tunnage and Poundage., online images from Library of Virginia, ( shows Elizabeth Bedwell selling tobacco in these quantities on these dates:

27 may 1678: 60 lbs.
28 may 1678: 12 lbs.
4 sept 1678: 50 lbs
oct 1678: 180 lbs
17 oct 1678: 570 lbs

Tobacco was sold in Virginia and shipped to London. Apparently, Elizabeth Bedwell may have been handling the family's business affairs while her father, Robert, was in Delaware acquiring land.

• FromKent County Probate Records: [p.32] Swan, Richard.Admin. of, to Elizabeth Swan. Feb. 5, 1708. Reg. of Wills, Liber B, folio 74.

Deed Record C Volume 1:
8 Feb 1691. Deed of gift. Thomas Bedwell, son and heir of Robert Bedwell, decd. Of Kent Co PA and adminr to his estate … for brotherly love and deare affection Thomas Bedwell gives to Elizabeth Turner dau to said Robert Bedwell decd and new wife to Annanias Turner and sister to Thomas Bedwell of same co … a tract of land called Elizabeth's Chance s side of Dover River beginning at Mary Clayton and Henry Bedwell's land … 150 a. pt/o a tract of land said Robert Bedwell dyed possessed of … Wit: Samuel Burbery, James Clayton, Ackn 15 Dec 1693. (Book C folio 114).

Deed Record R:
24 Nov 1767. Deed. William Allen of Philadelphia for 150£ sold to John Johnson of Kent Co … a tract of land now called Elizabeth's Choice, whereas Thomas Bedwell became seized in 150 a. of land in Motherkill Hundred s side of St. Jones Creek part of a larger tract called Folly Neck granted to Robert Bedwell late of Kent Co decd and conveyed by the said Thomas Bedwell unto a certain Elizabeth Turner on 8 Feb 1691, and the said Elizabeth Turner intermarried with a certain Edward Parnal who together with John Hall did convey unto Richard Willson of Kent Co 150 acres on 10 June 1721 (Book G folio 15) and the said Richard Willson did by his will bequeath the afsd land and premises unto his wife Letitia Willson who afterwards conveyed the same to William Allen Senior of Philadelphia on 19 March 172- (Book H folio 97) and upon the death of the said William Allen the elder the 150 acres became vested in the said William Allen the younger now of Philadelphia … bounded by at Mary Clayton, Henry Bedwell and John Coe … Wit: James Edmonds, Isaac King. Proved and Ackn 9 Feb 1768. Attest: Jno Caton. (R:pg 233).

• Frederick County, Maryland marriage record: Ruth Myers, 19 July 1778, Bedwell Parnell. (

• Bedwell Parnel is shown on the 1796 taxpayers' list for Lower Turkeyfoot Township, Somerset County, Pennsylvania. He is also on the 1800 taxpayers' list for Addison Township (which had originally been part of Turkeyfoot), Somerset County, Pennsylvania.

• Note from Delaware Governor's Register 1674-1851, Volume 1, found on "May 9, 1810: This day the Gov. on recommendation of the Court & Jury and of many respectable citizens, Pardoned Elizabeth Cooper, convicted of larceny. And upon like recommendation he pardoned Bedwell Parnell a youth of 15 or 16 convicted of Larceny."

Are these Bedwell Parnells descendants of Edward Parnell and Elizabeth Bedwell?

Elizabeth Bedwell and Annanias Turner were married on 2 Feb 1690/91 in Kent County, Delaware.35 Annanias Turner5,35 was born about 1655.

Conveyance of Annanias Turner to William Crews.
This Indenture made the twenty-eighth day of the ninth Mon., November, Anno Domini 1691, between Annanias Turner, of St. Joneses, in the County of Kent and Territories of Pennsylvania, of the one part, and Wm. Crews, of the town and County of Philad'a, of the other part, Witnesseth that the said Annanias Turner, for a reasonable Consideration, in hand paid, hath given, granted, bargained, sold and by these presents doth absolutely give, grant, sell, alien, Enfeeoff and Confirm unto him, the said Wm. Crews, of Philad'a, Pot-maker, his Heirs, Executors, admin'ors and assigns forever one lott of land Scituate and lying in Chesnutt Street, in the said Town of Philadelphia, Containing in breadth Thirty-one foot and a half and in length One hundred Seventy foot, more or less, bounded Southward with Chestnut Street, Eastward with Wm. Ellingsworthe lott, Northward with Pat, Robinson's lott and Westward with the said Wm. Crews' lott, being granted to the said Annanias Turner by a warr't from the proprietor's Commissr's, and accordingly laid out by the Surveyor Generall's order; to have and to hold the said lott of land, Together with the reversions and remainders, Issues and profitts unto the said Wm. Crews and his Heirs and assigns to the use of him, the said Wm. Crews, his Heirs and Assigns forever, and the said Annanias Turner and his Heirs, the hereby beforegranted premisses, with the appurtenances unto the said Wm. Crews and his Heirs, against him and his Heirs and assigns, and against all other persons whatsoever lawfully Claiming or to Claim by, from or under him or them or any of them, shall and will warrant and forever Defend by these presents, and hath made David Powell, his attorney, to Deliver these presents in open Court, In Witness whereof he hath hereunto sett his hand and seal the Day and Year above written. Sealed and Delivered in the Presence of us.
Memorandum: that before Sealing and Delivery hereof it was agreed that the said Annanias Turner should Clear and pay of all the Quit Rent, taxes and other Incumbrances of the said lott of land and make it a Clear estate to the said Wm. Crews, and further that the said Wm. Crews should be at all Charges of takeing out a Pattent from the Proprietor's Commiss'rs for the said lott of land and for the surveying of the same.
Annanias T Turner, his Mark. [Seal.]
Witnesses, George Keith, Wm. Bradford. Acknowledged in open Court; Certifyed under the Clark's hand this fourth day of August, 1693, By me.
Patrick Robinson, Cl. Com.
Recorded 1st of September, 1693.

Edward Parnell36 died before 1721 in Delaware. Elizabeth Bedwell and Edward Parnell had the following children:



Martha Parnell.



Abraham Parnell.



Robert Parnell.



William Parnell.



Mary Parnell.



Rachel Parnell.