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Second Generation

5. Mary Bedwell8,28,29 was born in Richmond, Richmond County, Virginia.30

Mary Bedwell had three husbands:

1. Isaac Webb, who settled in Kent Co. Delaware about 1680. Isaac's Creek, which runs into the Dover River, was one of the boundaries of his property.

2. James Clayton, who came to America aboard the Submission with his parents and siblings in 1682 and settled in Kent County, Delaware about 1687. This marriage took place between 1687 and 1691. James Clayton died some time before March 13, 1697.

3. Michael O'Donohoe. Mary lived another 20 years with O'Donohoe.

Mary Bedwell and Isaac Webb were married on 16 Apr 1678 in Farnham Parish, Rappahannock County, Virginia.28 Isaac Webb28,31 (son of Giles Webb and Judith Bland) was born in Virginia. He died about Mar 1687 in Kent County, Delaware.32

Some information on the descendants of Isaac Webb and Mary Bedwell from:

• Indian land sales in Delaware, by DeValenger, p. 8, says: "For the same consideration (three gallons of drink, three matchcoats, and four double handfulls of powder and shot to the Indian Petequoque) Isaac Webb received on February 19, 1683-4 the tract known as 'Shoemaker's Hall' which contained four hundred acres."

Calendar of Kent County Delaware Probate Records 1680 - 1800, page 13:
"Webb, Isack.Admin. of, to Mary Webb, widow. March 15, 1687. Penna. Hist. Soc. Papers, vol. AM. 2013, page 77."
Mary Bedwell and Isaac Webb had the following children:



Robert Bedwell Webb.

Mary Bedwell and James Clayton Jr were married about 1691 in Kent County, Delaware.31 James Clayton Jr5,29 (son of James Clayton and Jane ?) was born in 1667.29 He appeared in the census in 1682 in Arrived aboard the Submission with his parents... He died in 1698. He was born in England. He appeared in the census in Brother of Joshua Clayton who married Sarah Bedwell, widow of Henry Bedwell..5 Mary Bedwell and James Clayton Jr had the following children:



James Clayton.



John Clayton.29

Mary Bedwell and Michael O'Donohoe were married about 1698 in Kent County, Delaware.33