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History of the
Beekman Family

     It is quite remarkable that throughout the distrubing politics of the time, Colonel Gerardus Beekman was popular with the people and yeat received important offices at the hands of the several colonial Governors. In 1709, Lord Lovelace, the Governor, died and Lieutenant-Governor Ingoldsby became Governor, but was immediately succeeded by Colonel Beekman, who was appointed to fill the office until Governor Robert Hunter arrived in New York in June 1710, when Colonel Beekman became President of his Council, retaining the position until his death.
     Besides his estate in Flatbush, Colonel Beekman had three large farms in New Jersey. One farm extended for two miles along the Raritan River and contained 1800 acres. It was held jointly with Laford Paterson of Flatbush and the deed of conveyance to them from William dockra and Rebecca, his wife, bearing the date Feb. 2, 1702, and recorded in Book I of deeds, pg. 429, at Trenton, New Jersey, states that the consideration was 366 pounds.
Another farm of 4000 acres was in Sumerset County, N. J. Col. Beekman purchased the farm Feb. 20, 1702, from Rip Van Dam, attorney for Thomas Hart of England, one of the twenty-four proprietors of East Jersey, and the record of it is found in Book C of deeds. Another farm of 608 acres was on the Millstone River, N.J. and is described in Book A under the date Oct. 28, 1708. Col. Gerardus Beekman's sons, Adrian, Dr. William and Christoper were owners of large tracts of these lands.

1.  WILLIAM BEEKMAN, b. January 25, 1679; d. Bef. 1684. He died   young.
2.  CHRISTOPHER BEEKMAN (my ancestor) was born January 04, 1681 in Flatbush, Long Island, NY, and died January 28, 1724 in Six Mile Run, NJ13. He married MARIA (DELANO) DE LANOY January 28, 1704, daughter of ABRAHAM DE LANOY and CORNELIA JACOBSE TOLL. She was born Bet. 1680 - 1692, and died Bet. 1727 - 1781.
3.  ADRIAN BEEKMAN, b. August 22, 1682; d. Bet. 1711-1773; m. ALETTA LISPENARD, 1705; b. Bet. 1667-1691; d. Bet. 1710-1779. Murdered by a negro in the insurrection of negro slaves in New York City.
4.  DR. WILLIAM BEEKMAN, b. August 08, 1684; d. April 26, 1770; m. CATHERINE DE LANOY, Bet. 1719-1751; b. September 20, 1691; d. December 14, 1765. Graduated from Princeton and practiced medicine in New York City.
5. JACOBUS BEEKMAN was born 1687, and died Bet. 1720-1778. He married ELIZABETH DE PEYSTER Bet. 1720-1754. She was born 1692, and died Bet. 1720-1786.
1.  GERARDUS BEEKMAN, d. Bet. 1742-1815; m. MARIA BEEKMAN, Bet. 1742-1777; b. Bet. 1702-1724; d. Bet. 1742-1809. Gerardus and Maria were first cousins.
6. CATHERINE BEEKMAN, b. May 25, 1689; d. Bet. 1717-1783; m. CHARLES LEROUX, Bet. 1717-1751; b. Bet. 1672-1692; d. Bet. 1717-1778.
7. GERARDUS BEEKMAN, b. 1693; d. 1746; m. (1) ANNA MARIA VAN HORNE, Bet. 1724-1743; b. Bet. 1689-1708; d. Bet. 1724-1793; m. (2) CATHARINE PROVOOST, Bet. 1724-1743; b. Bet. 1689-1708; d. Bet. 1724-1793.
8. CORNELIA BEEKMAN, b. December 03, 1698; d. Bet. 1726-1792; m. RICHARD VAN DAM, Bet. 1726-1760; b. Bet. 1681-1701; d. Bet. 1726-1787.
9. HENRY BEEKMAN, b. December 11, 1701; d. September 04, 1743. Never married.