Belchers of Easton, Massachusetts



These pages are dedicated to my grandmother:



     Years ago my cousin, Caroline Belcher Bulfinch, gave me copies of the family genealogy. It traces 4 families from their emigration to America during the 1600's to their convergence in Easton, Massachusetts. The families were:
Belcher, Drake, Heath and Torrey    Since that time I have added to the information.

     I have been fortunate to have been contacted by relations who have shared information with me. For those people I am grateful and have now developed a photo gallery of shared ancestors.

Photo Gallery

     There are pages of history for the town of Easton that relate to my ancestors there.      One page is devoted to Famous Relations and some Royals that have popped up in my family tree.

     I am now exploring other surnames. Some of the names I am currently researching are Creer, Craine and Quirk from the Isle-of-Man. Also Bundy and Daniels in Vermont. McKinley and Noonan from Lowell, Massachusetts.

     Hopefully these pages will help somebody.

      There is a full surname link @ the bottom of this page. If someone has help for me, please

     This started out as a project begun by a cousin in my grandmother's generation. She lived in the home where generations of Belchers' had resided and had access to many original family documents. Unfortunately, she had no children and suffered from Alzhemier's in her later years so the originals have been lost. Luckily, some cousins and I were interested enough in the 1970's to ask her for the genealogy which she gladly provided. We still have her handwritten notes from which I started these pages.

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