Brooks Family Genealogy

     (Tune: "Battle Hymn of the Republic") 

There's something strong and mighty in a good old family name;
The name of Brooks shines very high upon the scroll of fame;
For nearly all the Tribe of Brooks pursue a lofty aim.
The clan goes marching on! 

Chorus: Glory to our grand old family, Virile, worthy, brave
and loyal! "Ut Am-nis vi-ta la-bi-tur!" The clan goes
marching on! 

William, Henry, Thomas, James were fathers of our clan;
Posterity of David and Nathaniel never ran;
Samuel Brooks was virile, Maurice was a sturdy man.
The clan goes marching on!

  David was a hero and of Washington a friend;
Phillips was a wise man whom the world could comprehend;
William fought and gave his life, his country to defend.
The clan goes marching on! 

The Clan of Brooks is mighty with two hundred thousand strong;
In seventy-six, five hundred kinsmen fought to right a wrong;
Twenty towns now bear our name. Sure, let us sing that song--
The clan goes marching on! 

When danger threatened country or a battle to be won,
Or righteous causes need defenders or work to be done,
Brave sons of Brooks were there, and never did a kinsman run.
The clan goes marching on! 

The sons of Brooks have courage any task or foe to face;
Our daughters all are lovely with their beauty, charm and grace;
The leaven of our family is a blessing to the race.
The clan goes marching on! 

In England, Wales, and Scotland, and the Emerald Isle as well;
In U.S.A. and Canada, in city, plain and dell!
Where English tongue is spoken-that is where our kinsmen dwell.
The clan goes marching on! 


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