As with any family that has European Heritage, have many intermarriages that makes us what we are today. I shall endeavor to list my various Family Histories and backgrounds as best I can. As many well know our grandparents and great grandparents didnít worry with recording any family history, other than occasional entries in the family bible. This information was generally limited as to who their parents were and when the children were born, when they died, and when they married. Unfortunately no other information was made available; it seemed that each generation took care of its own.

Today as we family genealogist scurry about looking at old census records, marriage records, and headstones; we still have to rely on our basic information from older members of our family. Older family members are those who lived during their parentsí time and sat around the doorsteps listening to the tales that had been passed down from the previous generation. As we know of our parents today the stories that they heard as children, has not been told as they heard it or their parents heard it. By the time this generation was capable of enjoying the stories, the parents probably forgot parts of the main theme and added what they conceived as the rest of the story.

I have the situation of having of my mothersí siblings: two uncles and three aunts who are still living. The two uncles aged 71 and 57 respectively; my mother and her sisters aged 66, 64, 63, 56 respectively. They each have vivid memories of their childhood and growing up; yet with matters about the family each has seen and tells of events from their point of view. So for me to assimilate any data or information from them, I basically ask the same question as many times as it takes. From there if I had knowledge of a particular incident, Iíd just compile similar information that resembled my memories.

Enough of attempting to brand members of family as being senile lets go to the show. The page links below will reveal all the facts I have for a particular family group and how each has come together that made me.


Facts contained in this section will contain excerpts from a book by Jean K. Bell of Asheville, North Carolina titled "Our Bell and Associated Families". This book describes the history of my BELL Ancestors back to 1704 Virginia, as they started anew in North Carolina about 1712. In North Carolina known facts regarding George Bell, Hezekiah Bell and Duncan Bell will be discussed. Also, to be discussed is the departure of my Bell Ancestors that took place in 1829, from North Carolina.




This section will chart the travel of Duncan Bell and his immediate family members, after they departed their birthplace of North Carolina. There are several puzzles connected here with my ancestors as they journeyed through Southern Georgia and finally settling in North Florida.