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"The Bell Family"



My Greatgrand parents, William Abram and Martha Eliza McCall Bell.  The small child in the middle is my grandfather Judge Wilburn Bell (Judge is his first name).  The child my greatgrandfather is holding is my great uncle William Roy Bell and the child my greatgandmother is holding is my great uncle Thomas A. Bell.  My personal knowledge of Lafayette County is basically limited to the 1st District or the northern part of the county.  However, I intend on acquainting myself with the entire county. 

Before I go any further I guess an introduction is necessary, My name is Darrel Bell and I am a fourth generation native Floridian.  I'm also native born to Lafayette County. 

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History of Lafayette County and Archives

Lafayette County was created December 23,1856 from part of Madison County, and included at the time what is now both Lafayette and Dixie Counties. Lafayette County was named in honor of the Marquis de Lafayette, the French citizen who rendered assistance to the colonies during the Revolutioary War. The famed Suwannee River forms the entire eastern boundary. The county courts first met at the home of Ariel Jones near Fayetteville. The county seat was moved from to Mayo from New Troy in 1893, and Mayo is currently Lafayette's only incorporated town. In 1921 the lower part of of the county was carved off and created into Dixie County. As other information becomes available, I will provide a link to Archive, Genealogy and Historical information as it becomes available. This information shall include photographs. Anyone having any information that is not copyrighted or if copyrighted and a release can be obtained I will include such information on the links.

Lafayette County Archives
Family Reunions

Lookup information that I have available.
Complete 1860 Federal Census

Complete Marriage Records Index
August 1857 - October 1996

Constitutional Officers of Lafayette County Lafayette County Marriages Partial Listing

Lafayette County Genealogist Lafayette County Volunteers
Lafayette County Surnames
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Small Towns
The Genealogy and History through Pictures

Lafayette County Family Histories
Land Patents of Lafayette County
Lafayette County, Florida Reconstructed Tract Books
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Updated November 28, 2000

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