Abraham and Jane
To our knowledge, this is not our direct family line although some descendants of Stephen and Mary Rebecca have shown Stephen to be the son of Abraham, which is not the case. We'd love to learn how our family is connected to this line! In a website by Jim Turner, this is the Abraham and Jane family ... in the D.A.R. records, this is not, and the D.A.R. line is shown on another page of this website.
Abraham Voluntine born ca. 1761
Died July 16, 1817 in Malta, Saratoga, New York
Married before 1790
Spouse: Jane Hooper (daughter of Stephen Hooper and Hannah)
Their Children:
Eliza Voluntine married John Vernam
Hannah Voluntine born 1792
   Died May 29, 1821 in Saratoga County, New York
   Married Jacob Hulin
Jane Voluntine born before 1790
   Married Davenport Morey
John Voluntine born before 1790
   Married Lydia
Martha Voluntine born October 7, 1798 in Saratoga, New York (a twin)
   Died March 11, 1853 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois
   Married John Bice Turner in 1819 in Malta, Saratoga, New York
Mary Voluntine
   Married Henry McKellop
Phebe Voluntine born October 7, 1798 in Saratoga, New York (a twin)
   Died December 10, 1861 in Etna, Licking, Ohio
   Married Joshua Palmerton ca 1818 in Malta, Saratoga, New York
Stephen Voluntine born before 1790
   Married Martha Clark
Van Schoonhoven Voluntine born ca. 1803 in Malta, Saratoga, New York
   Died May 29, 1817 in Saratoga County, New York
Notes and questions on this line:
According to court records, two of the above brothers, John and Stephen, were named guardians of the twin sisters, Martha (Patty) and Phebe upon the death of their father, Abraham, in 1817.
According to the Turner website, Van Schoonhoven died the same year as his father, Abraham (but in the D.A.R. records, the Abraham who died in 1817 was a brother, not the father; yet 2 deaths in the same family, within a few months. Perhaps an epidemic?)
The Van Schoonhoven name is a well known and highly respected moniker in the Saratoga, New York area. A Van Schoonhoven was a ranking officer in the Revolutionary War. The family name is/was also linked to major business/industry in the area. It is thought that Abraham Conklin Voluntine was a friend of a Van Schoonhoven, thus naming his youngest son after his friend.
According to Jim Turner's website, some members of this family were Tories during the Revolutionary War.
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