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The D.A.R. lineage of what is listed elsewhere in this website as Abraham Voluntine and Jane Hooper Voluntine differ significantly from the one found on the internet. Here is the documentation for an approved D.A.R. line. Note that Abraham is NOT the father, nor do they state for certain that Jane is the first name of the mother.
The information submitted to the D.A.R. appears to have been taken from a family Bible in that the exact birthdates are given for all of the children. This line is a recognized D.A.R. line.
Stephen Volentine born 1758 New York
Died 1817
Married ____________ Hooper in 1783 in New York
Their Children:
Stephen Volentine born September 23, 1784
 Married Martha Clark
Mary Volentine born August 8, 1786
Married __________ McKellop
John Volentine born August 25, 1788
"Lived to past 90 years of age"
Abraham Volentine born September 25, 1790
Hannah Volentine born March 5, 1793
Married Reverend Hulin
Jane Volentine born March 12, 1796
Married _______ Morey
Phoebe Volentine born October 7, 1798
Married J. Parmetree
Patty Volentine born October 7, 1798
Married John Turner
Eliza Volentine born June 13, 1800
Married John Varnum
Schoonhoven Volentine born October 12, 1803
Died young
There are so many similarities between this lineage and that on the "Abraham and Jane" page on this website. Interestingly, the Stephen who is the father of this family as opposed to Abraham, died the year Abraham who is listed as the patriarch of the other family, died. However, this record has proof of service in the Revolutionary War for Stephen, and one would suspect this line to be the correct one.
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