Martin Valentine
The following information has been contributed by Ann Valentine:
"Martin Valentine and wife Mary lived in Lapeer County Michigan from 1840 until their deaths. They were in all Michigan Census from 1840 to 1880. Martin was born in New York and Mary in Massachusetts. I have no other information on them."
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Martin Valentine  born 1813-14  in New York  
Mary (unknown)    born 1816   in Massachusetts
Their Children:
Laurey born  1838 in Massachusetts
Alonzo born  1840 in Lapeer County, Michigan
Orange born  1842 in Lapeer County, Michigan
Asa born 1844 in Lapeer County, Michigan
Palmer  born 1850 in Lapeer County, Michigan
Lucinda  born  1852 Lapeer County,  Michigan
Hellen born 1860 in Lapeer County,  Michigan
Sources: 1850 and 1860 Michigan censuses
More information:
Palmer Valentine, age 20, married Marie (last name unknown)
** Marie born in 1849 in Canada
** Children of Palmer & Marie: Martin born 1870, Lapeer County,         Michigan
Asa Valentine, age 25, married Eliza Moggie
** Eliza born 1852 possibly in Canada
** Children of Asa and Eliza: Frank born 1869 in Lapeer County, Michigan
Alonzo Valentine, age 30, married Mary J.
** Mary born in 1844 possibly in Canada
** Children of Alonzo and Mary:
 +(S) daughter, born 1863, Michigan
 +Alonzo B. born 1862 , Michigan
 +Stephen born 1865, Michigan
 +(A) ? born 1870, Michigan
Asa Valentine, age 34, married Lydia Walker
** Children, William Walker and Abigail Walker and son, Alonzo Valentine
Sources: 1870 Michigan census, 1880 Isabella County Michigan census
Direct Lines:
My grandfather, Frank Valentine, son of Asa and Eliza Moggie Valentine was born July 1, 1869 in Michigan. He moved to Chicago Illinois, where he was marriedto Anna Thielen on  May 29, 1904. He died August 15, 1916.
My grandmother, Anna Thielen was born December 28, 1882 in Cook County, Chicago, Illinois and died September 13, 1976.
Children of Frank and Anna:
Aleta Valentine born 1905, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. Died 1998.
Franklin Valentine born 1908, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois.  Died 1910.
George M.Valentine born July 23, 1911, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. Died December 28, 1944.  (my father)
George M. "Bud" Valentine (my family)
** Married Evelyn M. Kalck born January 24, 1916, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois
** Children of George and Evelyn:
 + Robert M. Valentine born October 3, 1934, Chicago, Cook County, Ill.      (deceased)
 + Ann Theresa Valentine born May 22, 1936, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois
 + John J. Valentine born May 26, 1939, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois
As of June 28th, Ann found THIS!!!
Michigan Historical Society Records, Vol. 9
page 29
Martin Valentine, of Marathon, Lapeer county, died in Fredericville, while on a visit to his children, at the residence of his son, Mr. P. Valentine, on Sunday, August 9, 1885, aged seventy-one and a half years. Mr. Valentine was one of Michigan's pioneers. He was a native of New York. He was married to Miss Mary J. Phillips, March 13, 1836, in the town of Sennet, Cayuga county, and with his young wife emigrated to Michigan and purchased a farm in Marathon, during the same year. This constituted his residence till his death. There were but five families within the township when they came. Their oldest son, Dr. A. B. Valentine, of Montmorency county, was the first white child born within the town, which then consisted of what is now Marathon, Oregon and Deerfield townships. At the first town election he was elected constable and collector. He ran a stage line and carried the mail between Marathon and Lapeer. They had eight children, four boys and four girls. The girls died young. He was a painter by trade, and followed that business in connection with farming, until his health failed him in 1861. Since then he has been an invalid. After these many years, wrestling with disease of the throat, he rests from his labors. He leaves a wife and four sons to mourn his loss. He was buried in the cemetery at Fredericville. Rev. G. S. Weir officiated at the funeral.
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