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Originally, my intent was to write a brief tutorial on genetic genealogy and the use of DNA testing in helping determine ones deep ancestral roots. However, many good tutorials and other reference materials have now become readily available, and it would be a time-consuming redundancy for me to try to improve on these.

Rather, you will find listed here an up-to-date list of online resources and bibliographic references that I can heartily recommend.  RAB

Links Online

One of the best introductions to the subject of genetic genealogy for beginners is at the Blair Surname DNA Project website, called DNA 101.

An excellent tutorial on DNA testing and a discussion of human migrations is found at DNA Heritage. Also, check out their Masterclass while there.

Family Tree DNA, our test lab of choice, has a helpful Frequently Asked Questions page, as well as a good selection of papers from a number of scientific journals, available for download in PDF form, in their Library. This link also gets you to FTDNA's list of Recommended Books.

The National Geographic Society and IBM are the sponsors of a very large research effort called the Genographic Project. Individuals from around the world are submitting DNA samples as part of this major study of human migrations. By joining the Benedict Surname DNA Project, one may also have their data submitted to the Genographic Project since Family Tree DNA is performing the DNA testing and data analysis for both groups. A number of Benedict Project members are already current members of the Genographic Project.

Recommended Reading

Gonick, Larry, and Wheelis, Mark. The Cartoon Guide to Genetics, New York: Collins Reference, 2005

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Jones, Martin. The Molecule Hunt, New York: Arcade Publishing, 2001

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Shawker, M.D., Thomas S. Unlocking Your Genetic History, Nashville: Rutledge Hill Press, 2004

Smolenyak, Megan, and Turner, Ann. Trace Your Roots With DNA, Rodale, Inc., 2004

Sykes, Brian. Adam's Curse, London: The Bantam Press, 2003
_________   The Seven Daughters of Eve, New York: W.W. Norton & Company, 2001

Wade, Nicholas. Before the Dawn, New York: The Penguin Press, 2006

Wells, Spencer. The Journey of Man, Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2002

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