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What's NEW Here?

♦  Important Announcement ! The Benedict Surname DNA Project is now     closed having completed eight years of operation. However, any interested     Benedict men are invited to submit DNA samples to Family Tree DNA for     inclusion in a future research project.     

♦  DNA Haplogroup G2a1a !  We are one of the very first families in America     verified to be of this quite rare Y-DNA Haplogroup!

Read the details Here!

♦  The latest, up-to-date, information about the early pre-America generations     of the Benedict Family in England, together with parchment maps of the     East Anglia counties of Norfolk and Suffolk made in 1610.

Learn about this exciting expansion of our knowledge, starting Here!

♦  The new Portal Page makes very simple your future visits to BENEDICT     TOPICS and to its Site Map, or to the Benedict Surname DNA Project.

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♦  A Thomas Benedict Chronology:   Accessible from Here!


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About the Motto given above

   In the Introduction to his volume, Benedicts in America (1870), Henry Marvin Benedict tells of an English con artist who, about 1850, was hawking a beautiful, pretentious, but totally false, Benedict coat of arms, "intended to impose upon the incredulous." He goes on to say, "We will have none of it except the motto Benedictus qui Patitur, which we make our own [ie, we can accept the motto]." Unfortunately, an incorrect interpretation of the motto has been placed into wide circulation; however, it is correctly translated above. Despite how it sounds, it is not taken from the Sermon on the Mount or any other Biblical text. Its true provenance is unknown, but it may have been derived from Benedictus qui tollit crusem (He is blessed who follows the cross) of the Bennet family, and Patitur qui vincit (He who conquers, suffers) of the Kinnaird family.

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