Elki's relatives around Bremen



My name is Elk Bensemann and I have lots of ancestors in villages around Bremen. The results of my research can be found on the rootsweb worldconnect database, and I am developing this webpage to provide some additional information.  To start with here are the data I extracted from some parish registers in the area. When I studied the microfilms and parish registers, I only made notes of the families that interested me, and therefore these notes represent only a small extract from the parish registers. However, if you happen to research some of the same families, you may find these records useful.


Elki's family trees                                  Elki's research data

Bahle, Vegesack                                                                     Vegesack 1821-67

Wurthmann, Büren                                                                 Blumenthal 1721-1818

Heumann, Büren                                                                    Lesum 1656-1820

Buse, Büren                                                                            Büren-Grambke 1701-1807

Witte, Hasbergen                                                                   Stuhr 1724-1862

Spille, Schönemoor                                                                Brinkum 1734-1795

Apmann, Dibbersen                                                               Arsten 1713-36

Huckemeier, Stuhr                                                                 Dötlingen 1671-1700

Warrelmann, Stuhr                                                                Oberneuland 1896-1949

Warrelmann, Dötlingen                                                         Trupe-Lilienthal 1764-1911

Otte, Dötlingen                                                                      Grasberg 1792-1847

Eilers. Dötlingen                                                                    Worpswede 1759-1789

Hildebrandt, Brinkum                                                           Scharmbeck 1676-1787

Imhoff, Stuhr                                                                         Osterholz 1709-1760

Fahrenholz, Lunsen                                                                St. Jürgen 1687-1811

Böcker, Lilienthal                                                                  Sottrum 1715-1774

Ahrensfeld, Scharmbeck                                                       Thedinghausen 1711-1900

Segelken, Scharmbeck                                                           Lunsen 1638-1849

Havemeyer, Scharmbeck                                                       Achim 1670-1829

von Öhsen, Scharmbeck

Heißenbüttel, Scharmbeck                                                     Vegesack, Zivilstandsregister

Steeneck, Scharmbeck                                                           Vegesack, Huldigungen

Gefken, St. Jürgen                                                                  Lesum, Landmilizrolle

Kohlmann, St. Jürgen                                                             Bremen, Wasserschout

Meißner, St. Jürgen

Barnstorff, St. Jürgen                                                            Elki's ancestry charts

Ötjen, St. Jürgen                                                                  Anna Bahle (1837-1890)

Mahnken, Sottrum                                                               Hinrich Fahrenholz (1835-1877)

Wahlers, Sottrum                                                                 Gesche Witte (1840-1901)

Meyer, Sottrum                                                                    Anna Catharina Böcker (1831-1911)

Holsten, Sottrum                                                                  Hermann Beuße (1830-1900)

Meißner, Sottrum                                                                 Gesche Stührmann (1830-1880)

Eßelmann, Achim                                                                 Johann Imhoff (1700-1750)

Mindermann, Achim                                                             Ilsabe Timmermann (1705-1763)

Lüssen, Achim                                                                      Heincke Otte (1693-...)

Detjen, Achim                                                                      Gesche Eilers (1692-...)

Lohmann, Achim                                                                 Jürgen Segelken (1649-...)                                             

Osmers, Achim                                                                  

Fesenfeld, Achim                                                              

Nahrmann, Achim                                                              Elki's documents

Ekes, Achim  

Jäger, Achim                                                                     Böcker photo album

Tietjen, Achim                                                                  Bahle photo album

Schierholz, Stuhr

Timmermann, Stuhr                                                          Elki's maps

Verlahren, Stuhr

Beuße, Thedinghausen

Stührmann, Thedinghausen

Faber, Thedinghausen

Severs, Thedinghausen

Borchers, Thedinghausen