Aerial View of Bennett Farm

Bennett Family Farm, Aerial View

This aerial photo was taken in the 1950's while there were still hedge (Osage Orange) trees as fences for many of the fields. The view is from the Southwest to the Northeast showing the Bennett family farm buildings, and a 20 acre pasture East of the buildings. In fact the fence line on the right side running at an angle of about 70 degrees West-Northwest is (on) the Andrew - Gentry county line. My parents house was just to the right (but out of sight in the picture). The very top right hand field belonged to my father (J.C. Bennett).

What I believe to be interesting is the "Buffalo Wallow". Before the land was settled there were apparently a number of buffalo living in the area. They would find a depression that stayed moist, perhaps from a spring, and would "wallow" in this area. The ground would become packed, and very hard. A tractor with a plow would have difficulty going through a buffalo wallow, and crops did not generally grow very well there either. If I recall correctly there is a "buffalo wallow" visible in the picture, that might not even be visible if you were standing on it. From the upper left corner of the picture, go 8/10th of the way to the right, then down abou 2/10ths. The area is in fact also the start of a small creek that runs into my father's land.

aerial view of Bennett farm 1950

The foundation marks are still visible that belonged to the large barn that burned in 1912. You can see the outline faintly to the North (up) and slightly West (left) of the buildings shown in the photo.

Another story of the farm and buildings is told in this newspaper article 17 November 2000, St. Joseph News Press. Travelling Carpenter Builds Farmhouse