Joseph                          Phillip                        Hiram                  John C.                          


                    First Daughter of Joseph and Sarah Birkhammer Huffman

 Elizabeth Huffman


Elizabeth Huffman b: 11 Nov 1820 in Wayne Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania  d: 16                         Jan 1903
..  +Joel Finfrock  m: 20 Apr 1843 in Muskingum County, Ohio        
....2. Susannah Finfrock b: 1845                
...2 .   Mary Jane Finfrock b: 1847                
....2.  Catherine Finfrock  b: Feb 1849                
........ +Robert P. Ingram m: in Effingham County Illinois        
....2.  Ellen Finfrock b: 1850                
....2 .  John Finfrock  b: 1852                
... 2.  Agnes Finfrock b: 1854                
... 2.  Julia Finfrock  b: 1855                
.... 2.  George Finfrock        b: 1859                

           Second Daughter of Joseph and Sarah Birkhammer Huffman
Sarah A. Huffman

   1.  Sarah A. Huffman b: 11 Apr 1830 in Muskingum County, Ohio                
          .. +Christopher Smith  m: 06 Jun 1853 in Muskingum County, Ohio        

         Third  Daughter of Joseph and Sarah Birkhammer Huffman
 Julia Ann Huffman


   1.  Julia Ann Huffman b: 23 Mar 1836 in Muskingum County, Ohio                
..                +G. R. Vancap m: 20 Jan 1853 in Muskingum County, Ohio        

                        Son of Joseph and Sarah Huffman                                                               
Mitchell Huffman


   1.  Mitchell Huffman  b: 24 Jun 1841 in Muskingum County, Ohio  d: 07 May 1865 in Civil War, Davids Island, New York

NOTE for Mitchell Huffman:
per Eugene Huffman Note: Civil War Vet, 178th Ohio Inf, discharged 1864. His service records showed the name Michael, as well as Mitchell.
Buried St. Paul's Cemetery, Sonora, Muskingum Co., OH

Cause of Death: killed in Civil War @ Davids Island, NY
Military service:  Inlistment date October 05, 1864, Civil War, Pvt. Army, Co F, 25th Regt. OVI

Until the Gettysburg battle, David's Island had served as a medical facility for only Union troops. Being a previously established and equipped
facility surrounded by water, Union authorities saw it as an excellent place to hold extremely ill prisoners or those who were still suffering from
battle wounds.

Located in Long Island Sound just off the coast of what is today the New York suburb of New Rochelle, this eighty-acre site would eventually
hold more than 2,500 Confederate prisoners at a time. The isle was a long, narrow stretch of land that contained twenty-two temporary structures
extending nearly the entire length of the island. Each building was divided into four wards that contained up to twenty cots each. A doctor's office
was located in the front of each building and a toilet was at the rear. Mess halls were located between every two buildings. Whenever the
population increased to more than 1,800 prisoners, tents were used for the overflow.

"Upon our arrival," reported prisoner Samuel Hankins of Gulfport, Mississippi, "we were at once divested of all wearing apparel, which was
burned, and each one given a bath. Then a hospital suit was provided ... the whole island was at our disposal. When the tide went out, we
gathered clams for bait and fished.... Many sympathizers from New York visited us every day and brought things.""'

Hankins was fortunate to be confined in one of the buildings while he was there. The population at that time was up to 2,500 and many were
housed in tents. When U.S. Surgeon Charles Crane inspected David's Island the following August, the population was at 2,538, but a total of 84
had died over the previous four-week period. According to Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, the population rose to nearly 3,000 soon

Conditions were similar at New York's other prison locations. The facilities were gradually growing more crowded and accommodations eroded
further. Not wanting to bury deceased POWs on Governors Island, Federal authorities leased Deer Island in Boston Harbor, nearly two hundred
miles away, to use as a burial site.

More About Mitchell Huffman:
Burial: St. Paul Cemetery, Sonora, Ohio1
Military service: 05 Oct 1864, 25th OVI of CO Fr1,2
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