The Berreyesa Researcher

The Berreyesa Researcher

The Berreyesa Researcher was created in February of 2007 to help people who are doing research on the Berreyesa family. There are many descendants of Nicolas Berreyesa and Gertrudis Peralta now, and many of them are doing some research on the family. Most, only venture out as far as their own branch of the family, and will not usually worry about the other branches out there. These branches include: Maria Gabriel, Maria de la Luz Ynez, Jose de los Reyes, Nasario Antonio, and Nicolas Antonio. These five siblings created what are the descendants of Nicolas Berreyesa and Gertrudis Peralta.

The purpose of this site is to help bring all the family branches together so we can help each other in the areas of our research where we need help the most. Secondly, to collaborate all the research we all have done (for those who would like to). Thirdly, to try and track down every Berreyesa descendant today.

As more and more people join, the more we can do besides e-mailing one another. It would be great to see reunions formed every two years. Also, keep checking on the site, since new articles may be posted at least a couple times a month for the next few month. If anyone would like to have an article that they have written posted on this site, please send me an e-mail, with the attached article, and I will definitely post it!

To join the Berreyesa Researcher, and to have your name put on The Berreyesa Researchers List, please send your name, e-mail address, Berreyesa family name, and a small note to Anthony Ray

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